1,000 Partners and counting

I’m incredibly excited to announce our Partner Program has eclipsed 1,000 Partners, just over two years after initially launching our program. This is a milestone our team has been working towards for a while, as we continue to build new mutually-beneficial relationships and strengthening existing partnerships.

There is something very special about the fact that we have a partner program. From the outside, one might think that all the Shopify partners are fierce competitors. For some, that may be true. For us, we've always valued working with other partners for the greater good of the store owners, and the platform as a whole. As Tobi Lutke said at Unite in 2016, "we're not all fighting for a bigger piece of the pie, we are all trying to make the pie bigger". We truly believe this. 

At Bold Commerce, we build solutions to help our merchants make more revenue on Shopify. It’s this purpose that encourages our Partners to refer our 20+ apps to their Shopify clients.  Working with all the other Shopify Parnters in a mutually beneficial way, that multiplies the net positive effect for the store owner, is really what makes the Shopify partner ecosystem so special. 

It’s also the reason why we launched our Partner Program back in 2015. We wanted to provide additional support to our Partners and thank them for recommending our solutions. Since the introduction of our Partner Program, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the number of registered Partners.


Our Partner Program has eclipsed 1,000 Partners, just over two years after initially launching our program.


Shopify Experts who register to our Partner Program receive many benefits, some including: an ongoing revenue share, access to beta versions of our apps, free copies of our existing apps for testing purposes, extended trials for their clients, dedicated support, and much more.

Just last year we introduced a premier tiered Ranking System to award various Partners for excellence in the program, which unlocks even more perks for the Partners who’ve earned them. We’ve witnessed Partners go from the Bronze tier to Gold within the span of a couple months.

We're extremely excited about the future of our Partner Program and how we can continue to support our Partners and their clients.

If you’re interested in joining our network of talented Partners, you can sign up for free here.


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