3 things every software developer should know about a career at Bold


Last month, I joined the Bold hiring team as they embarked on their latest international recruitment adventure, a nearly two-week expedition to Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Barcelona. 

Our third international hiring effort in just over a year, the purpose of this (and our previous) trips have been to recruit senior software developers to join our growing team in Winnipeg, Canada. And though we’ll be missing the daily croissants and cappuccinos, we’re excited about all the great talent we met.

While Bold’s workforce is growing substantially — with over 100 employees joining us last year alone — I think those who move internationally to join our team are the biggest testament to the interesting work we do. 

Last year we traveled to Berlin and São Paulo, and have since welcomed more than 15 international hires to our team. 

You can imagine the surprise when we tell people that we’re traveling around the globe to find this talent. The reason for this is that software developers are in high demand, especially in Winnipeg’s fast-growing tech scene.

International recruitment has not only brought us success in finding the talent we’re looking for, but has added a uniqueness to our already diverse and open-minded culture.

After meeting with so many great candidates on our recent trip, I’ve been thinking about what developers are most interested in learning about Bold, and would love to give you the inside scoop.

“What tech stack do you use?”

This is usually the first question I get when interviewing developers. Typically I answer this the same way each time. 

At Bold, we work with some really cool tech — Go, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, and more. Everything we build is containerized using Docker, deployed using Kubernetes, and hosted on the cloud.


Next, I like to brag about how we develop software ;) Bold adopts an agile methodology that focuses on releasing small things frequently, providing rapid feedback, and delivering value to merchants every day. 

It’s an ever-evolving process with a bunch of acronyms like TDD, CI, CD, and pair programming (I guess that one isn’t an acronym!) which we’ll go further into another time. I especially love to discuss how we encourage peer review and feedback throughout the entire software development life cycle, during pair programming, code reviews (during a merge/pull request) and beyond. 

I’m so proud of our team and how good they are at providing and receiving constructive feedback and using the process to learn, coach, and grow. 

I’ve learned a lot from the feedback I’ve received and I love how even the newest and most junior members of the team feel comfortable providing constructive feedback to anyone, even me, the CTO.

“Why do you do what you do?”

Cool tech aside, I think that our people, our culture, and our workplace is what makes a career at Bold so awesome. 

Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs to achieve success by building the best company to attract the best employees who truly give a shit. 

As much as we love to tinker and build new things, knowing that we’re helping over 90,000 merchants around the world make a living and grow their business is what drives us.

Black Friday is the perfect example of just how amazing and dedicated our team is to our merchants. 

For the period around Black Friday, our entire team prioritizes our merchants’ needs over their regular tasks, helping in areas that will have a more direct impact, like onboarding and support. 

It always proves to be such a good experience, one that helps us all better understand our merchants and their pain points. It’s also an opportunity to cheer them on and celebrate their success.

"Tell us about the people at Bold.” 

Our people are a major contributing factor to our success. 

We continue to build a great company by bringing on the very best people who want to make a difference. Our leadership team actively works to build an environment where employees feel fulfilled and motivated.

It’s a deliberate, ongoing process, but we’re very proud of how far we’ve come. If you really want to know who we are, and how we work, check out our Builder’s Code. It’s the shared set of practices, beliefs, and values that helps shape who we are. Our leadership team spent a lot of time crafting it, with considerable input from our entire team.


If you’re someone who wants to get shit done alongside people who will elevate you to new heights, are motivated and passionate about the work you do, and are aligned with our core values, we’d love to meet you.

Bold is not like any other tech company, and we truly believe it’s because of our employees and the amazing talent they bring to the table. Visit our careers page here to check out our current opportunities.

We hope to meet you soon!

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Eric Boisjoli

Written by Eric Boisjoli

Eric is the Chief Technology Officer at Bold, working every day to ensure our services are stable and easy-to-use for thousands of merchants worldwide.

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