4 WooCommerce performance killers and how to fix them


Consumer demands are constantly changing and evolving, putting pressure on top-performing ecommerce brands to continually adapt and deliver the best user experience possible.

What sets successful brands apart is the ability to strike a perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics, and site performance. However, achieving this trifecta of user experience prowess is no small feat.

Brands on Wordpress using WooCommerce for their commerce needs already know there's a huge range of plugins available for site optimization, from multi-currency and foreign-language requirements, to fee management, and delivery and pickup options. Plugins however can come with a price — both financially, and in terms of site performance issues. 

Here are four common WooCommerce performance killers and how to solve for them. 

Let’s start with plugins. 

Performance Killer #1 - "We have too many plugins" 

When it comes to site performance, a page taking too long to load or crashing due to performance issues can result in substantial revenue losses. 

Streamline the transaction experience on WooCommerce by running pre-built integrations through a single plugin like Bold Checkout — our customizable and scalable solution for high-volume Wordpress brands using WooCommerce.

Utilizing a single plugin for all business functions can reduce reliance on WooCommerce servers while not having to make separate calls to different plugins, improving speed and performance. 


Tap into prebuilt integrations for improved performance

Imagine being able to get your hands on pre-built integrations for tax, fraud, shipping, and marketing services, as well as other Bold solutions like Bold Subscriptions and Price Rules Engine, all available through a single centralized plugin. 

Bold Subscriptions & Price Rules Engine

Bold Subscriptions offers the freedom to create and configure any subscription program imaginable with flexible APIs and webhooks. Price Rules lets users tap into robust price rules to serve up pricing and promotions to any channel. 

These types of integrations and more can all be managed through a single Bold plugin, putting the load on Bold servers and requiring less plugins, resulting in better overall site performance and more conversions. 

But what if you want to add a custom integration or preferred provider?  

Add custom integrations without losing speed

Bold’s API-powered plugin comes with the ability to easily bring in a growing network of third-party integrations. Or, to solve for unique requirements, the ability to connect with any open API technology allows brands to curate any transaction experience imaginable.  

This means you can integrate the preferred partners in your tech stack into the mix. Bold APIs make it efficient for any development team to integrate technology into Bold’s checkout solution for WooCommerce — getting the functionality you need without compromising site speed performance. 

Learn 5 benefits of a headless checkout solution for WooCommerce

Some common types of custom integrations to consider:

  • Multi-currency and language functionality
  • Identification/authentication tools
  • Preferred tax or financial partners 

With the help of partners, anything is possible

Building with Bold enables access to our large community of agency and tech partners. Bold’s API and partner-driven ecosystem is the ideal springboard to build a truly custom and high-performing checkout. 

We are also ready to scale with any brand — no matter how fast they grow! 

Performance Killer #2 - "We are ready to scale but our checkout isn't" 

The last thing any brand wants when experiencing a sudden increase in traffic is to have their site crash or slow down. Bold Checkout is the ideal solution for high-volume brands because it scales with brands as they grow. 

Bold solutions are built with scaling brands in mind and designed to handle high-traffic events. From traffic surges during peak sales periods like Black Friday sales, to higher than normal volume during promotional pushes or product drops, we ensure high-volume brands using our technology can depend on Bold technology when it matters most. 

Staples Canada experienced their best Black Friday ever using Bold Checkout, with their highest traffic ever recorded in a single day. Even with the surge in traffic and sales, they experienced 100% reliability and zero downtime during the weekend event. Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019 highlights included:

  • Record high revenue for Staples.ca in a single day
  • Highest traffic ever recorded in a single day

staples-callout copy

One of the secrets of brands like Staples Canada’s success is minimizing the amount of downtime on their site. 

Improve performance monitoring for less downtime

For high-volume brands, even a couple minutes of downtime can result in heavy losses. Site performance issues can cause lost sales for customers who may have converted their carts, while leaving a poor impression on new customers or those who are used to a seamless experience, reducing the likelihood of repeat purchases. 

Bold tackles this WooCommerce performance killer head on with industry-leading uptime (99.98%) and 24-hour performance monitoring. This means brands with Bold Checkout in their tech stack don’t need to worry about unplanned downtime — and should something go wrong, help is standing by to resolve the issue immediately. 

To learn more about how Bold prepares for high-volume sales events like Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), check out this guide on everything we do to ensure server uptime and optimal performance during peak periods of traffic.

Now that we’ve tackled plugins and common performance killers, let’s talk about speed. 

Performance Killer #3 - "We don't have resources for in-house development" 

Hiring a development team to build a custom checkout from the ground up isn’t a bad option for brands looking to improve their transaction experience. However, this route can be both costly and time consuming. 

Get to market faster for a faction of the cost

Rather than doing all the work from scratch, leverage Bold’s existing technology and APIs and create a checkout that does everything high-volume Wordpress brands need — but in a fraction of the time and cost to get it up and running. 

Accelerate time to market while building a custom checkout, using our robust APIs to include third-party integrations and functionality. Tap into a large network of partners or build your own third-party integrations using our APIs. 

Have questions about Headless commerce and APIs? Check out our Ultimate Q&A headless guide 

If speed to market is a priority, Bold Checkout is the smart solution. But all that performance better be backed up by industry leading security. 

Performance killer #4: "any breach of security is a costly one"

Risk mitigation and opportunity are not mutually exclusive. By providing the highest security standards, customers can feel good about their purchase knowing their personal and financial data is safe. 

PCI 1 compliance is a must

The goal of the PCI Security Standards Council is to keep systems secure so that customers can trust brands with their credit card and other sensitive information. Know that customer data is in good hands with Bold’s PCI Level 1 compliant technology — the highest standard available. 

It’s integral for brands that process, store, or transmit credit card information to maintain a secure environment. Failing to do so can result in: 

  • The breach or theft of sensitive data affecting both businesses and customers
  • The loss of credibility for a brand in the eyes of their customers and financial institutions
  • Brands being subject to financial liabilities 
  • Customers being financially impacted or have their credit score compromised

Breaches in data and financial security hurt the entire commerce community. Bold Checkout offers the highest standard available to ensure customers, brands, and financial institutions are safe and secure. 

Optimize for peak performance

As an alternative to WooCommerce’s native checkout, Bold Checkout offers increased performance and stability by simplifying the WooCommerce stack and allowing us to handle the checkout experience. 

The result is better performance, smoother functionality, and a higher conversion rate.

Ready to see it in action? 


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