AI-powered eCommerce: Powerful personalization with Bold Brain

February 8, 2019


What if you could anticipate what your customers wanted? What if you knew the most effective offer to make every shopper? And what if you could easily see and act on all this data right from the back-end of your store?

Well, you can — with Bold Brain.

It gives you access to data-driven insights and recommendations so you can sell smarter. And you can act on them with the click of a button to optimize your store and sell more.

By collecting data in real-time, Brain anticipates what your customers want and shows it to them on a widget that blends seamlessly with your store.

Retail giants like Amazon have spent years developing technology like this, and now it's at your fingertips, literally. Use Brain’s sophisticated recommendation widgets, powerful integrations, detailed audience insights, and advanced analytics to unlock the full selling power of your eCommerce store. Learn more or try it today!

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You know how Amazon recommends products while you're shopping, seeming to know exactly what you want even before you do? 

Now you can do that too!

And these aren't recommendations you pick yourself by guesswork, they're products automatically curated by Brain using cold, hard data and displayed on widgets that look right at home on your store.

By determining what products are most likely to be purchased together, Brain anticipates what your customers want so you're always displaying the most effective products. This also simulates the experience that customers get when they stumble on a new product at a brick-and-mortar store.

Bold Brain provides six different types widgets for you to choose from:

  • Most Frequently Bought: Shows the most popular products on your store.

  • Related Products: Shows products related to items the customer is viewing.

  • Recently Added: Shows the newest products added to your store.

  • Recently Viewed: Shows products previously viewed by the customer.

  • Top Rated: Shows your store’s top-rated products, powered by Yotpo.

  • Smart Widget: Automatically use A/B testing to choose the best widget to show to customers.

All of these widgets automatically populate with your products, and you can choose a backup type in case your store doesn’t have enough data or products to use for your first choice.



All this data sounds great, right? Well, it goes beyond the recommendation widgets

You can create prebuilt or custom audiences with various filters to use right in Mailchimp — or export them into a CSV file — to create highly targeted email campaigns.

For example, you can generate lists of customers who have viewed a specific product on your store, purchased certain products from you, or added a product to the cart but didn't check out.

So, let's say the owner of a camera store notices a lot of customers are adding an expensive lens to their cart, but not checking out. They can send a targeted email to those customers offering them a more affordable lens, or even the same lens at a discounted price.



Brain is uniquely designed to integrate with other Bold apps to make them smarter. It gives you recommendations for the products that are statistically more likely to sell together and you can activate them with the click of a button. It works with Subscriptions, Upsell, and Bundles with more to come!

It also integrates with Mailchimp, as mentioned above, to create audiences for highly targeted emails, and Yotpo so it can recommend customers your top-rated products.



Right from Brain's report page, you can not only see how your widgets are performing, you also get access to other key statistics and performance indicators.

This includes what products are bought together frequently, average customer value, average order size, total profits, and other stats about customer behaviour. The information gives you valuable insights into how your store is performing so you can make informed changes to maximize results.


The future of eCommerce

Personalization is poised to play a bigger and bigger role in eCommerce. Amazon's revenue increased by 29% after they introduced recommendations, and 70% of consumers expect companies to anticipate their needs, according to Salesforce.

Bold Brain will give you an edge today and in the future. It will provide better and better personalization, automation, and machine learning so merchants like you so can provide your customers with better service and sell more. Try it today!

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