Guest post: Zohar Gilad

Zohar Gilad is the Co-Founder and CEO of InstantSearch+, a service that brings state-of-the-art ecommerce search & merchandising to over 350,000 merchants worldwide.

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Internal search metrics to streamline the customer experience

By Guest post: Zohar Gilad on August 1, 2018

User behaviour can be difficult to understand.

But the good news is, it’s possible to grasp if you know which signs to look for, and what those actions mean.

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Search & Conversion – What You Always Wanted to Know, But Never Dared to Ask

By Guest post: Zohar Gilad on December 8, 2016

This is a Guest Blog Post from Zohar Gilad of InstantSearchPlus.

So, you carefully curated your products, got marketing campaigns going, and have inventory and shipments under control. Now, what about those conversion numbers? How do you increase the likelihood of a store visitor to become a buyer? How do you increase the order size? Or turn them into repeat customers?

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