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Kevin is passionate about eCommerce and believes there is no better substance than single malt scotch.

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Grow Your Business at Shop Class (and meet us too!)

By Kevin Wild on May 29, 2017

We’re excited to announce we will be touring with Shopify for Shop Class, a Canada-wide tour of 8 different cities, helping store owners and entrepreneurs grow their business.

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1,000 Partners and counting

By Kevin Wild on April 5, 2017

I’m incredibly excited to announce our Partner Program has eclipsed 1,000 Partners, just over two years after initially launching our program. This is a milestone our team has been working towards for a while, as we continue to build new mutually-beneficial relationships and strengthening existing partnerships.

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Switch To Recurring Orders

By Kevin Wild on October 27, 2016

Hundreds of stores have made the switch to Recurring Orders for their subscribers. Whether they already used Shopify, or switched from a platform like WooCommerce, they decided to trust Recurring Orders with their subscribers.
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How a Subscription Business Model Helped Dollar Shave Club Sell for $1 BILLION

By Kevin Wild on July 28, 2016

Every day small and large companies are bought out by larger and more valuable companies. Usually they don’t catch my eye, but one recent buyout caught my attention.

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Introducing Bold Partner Program Ranks

By Kevin Wild on July 25, 2016

 Since the launch of our Partner Program just over a year ago, we’ve seen some tremendous success. We've grown to more than 750 Partners in that short time, and expect to be over 1,000 before long.

To celebrate this growth, we’ve introduced new perks within the Partner Program. We have launched an exclusive chat service available only on the Partner Dashboard. We’ve sent three issues of our Partner Newsletter (with a new issue coming every month) where we give exclusive previews, offer tips for our apps and feature select partners (read the latest issue here). We host monthly webinars to teach our Partners about our apps. All this plus numerous other Partner-only benefits.

Today we’re launching another element of this program. Announcing the Partner Program ranks:

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Announcing BrainTree Support in Recurring Orders

By Kevin Wild on September 25, 2015

We're excited to announce today we officially added Braintree support to Recurring Orders! For those customers who are unable to sign up for Stripe because of where they live or what they sell, BrainTree is now an option.

Let me answer some of the questions I've been getting asked so you can decipher whether or not this will impact your store.

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How To Gain Subscribers With The 'See Details' Feature

By Kevin Wild on September 4, 2015

In one of our most recent updates to Recurring Orders, we added the 'See Details' feature which allows store owners to detail their subscription plan to potential customers.

One piece of feedback we received about Recurring Orders was potential subscribers were unsure what it meant to 'Subscribe and Save.' How does a subscription work? When will I be charged? When will I receive my product? These are just a few questions store owners have to answer on a daily basis.

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New Feature: Analytics in Recurring Orders

By Kevin Wild on August 19, 2015

One of the most exciting parts of using Recurring Orders is getting your first subscriber. And the second. And third. Who are we kidding, every new subscriber is exciting!

Once you start gaining subscribers on your store, it's important to have in-depth stats to understand the growth of your store and opportunities therein.

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Inside Bold: How We Test Our Apps

By Kevin Wild on August 18, 2015

Launching a new app is one of the most exciting times for a software development company and it's no different at Bold. We love launching new apps for Shopify, which is part of the reason why we've launched 19 of them in the past two years!

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New Feature: Changing Subscription Date In Recurring Orders

By Kevin Wild on August 6, 2015

We're excited to announce another great feature that made its way to Recurring Orders today.

As of right now, you can change the recurring date for a customer's subscription. This means if a customer is subscribed to a monthly plan on the 1st of every month - but would like their order to recur on the 5th of every month instead - you can now make this change for them.

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