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Every time we get to work with a Shopify Plus customer, we get really excited about the project! It always seems like something awesome ends up happening.

How to combine visible and hidden products into one!

That was definitely the case when metal cutting company approached us with an interesting problem they were having. They sell metal sheets and bars in all sorts of different sizes, have a cutting fee associated with every order, and wanted to have bulk pricing available for the cutting fee.

These things by themselves weren't too bad, but when you add in that they wanted the cutting fee to be included in the product price, and not shown anywhere, including the checkout, we had to get creative! (Plus, they wanted to add an additional shipping fee for oversized orders, and have it included in the regular shipping price in the checkout. But more on that later.)

Metal Product Image

A tag system to take care of pricing.

By creating a tag system, we were able to apply pricing per inch that could be used for either the length of the bars, or the length x width of the sheets. This meant we were able to display standard sizes as radio button options, and a section with dropdown fields for custom sizes.

So now that the product pricing was figured out, we needed to add in the cutting fee, which depended on how many sheets or bars they were buying!

Bulk pricing in the background.

We did this by tying our Quantity Breaks app in with a hidden cutting fee product. Then, we took those cutting fees, and added them to pricing table on the sheet and bar product page. To a customer, it looks like there is only one price per item, and they never see the separate cutting fee charge. And with the power of Shopify Plus, we were able to keep the separate product hidden in the cart and checkout too!

All listed as one item in the checkout thanks to Shopify Plus

Now when a customer makes an order, they see their full price in one combined line. No more multiple products, or confusing receipts, everything is all included and easy to understand. Meanwhile, when the company checks the order on their end, they'll see both products separated, and be able to keep things accounted for properly on their end.

Metal Checkout Image

Have a cool project you've been thinking about? Give us a shout and let's see what we can get done for you!


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Jordan Labelle

Written by Jordan Labelle

Jordan is a product manager at Bold and is famous around the office for his love of button-up shirts.

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