Bold Commerce goes to Paris

Traveling the globe to find talent is becoming a regular order of business here at Bold. In the last year, our team has journeyed to Berlin, Sao Paulo, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Barcelona to recruit world-class senior software developers to join our growing team.

If you’ve read 3 things every software developer should know about a career at Bold with our Chief Technology Officer Eric Boisjoli, you’ll know that software developers are in high demand, especially in Winnipeg’s fast-growing tech scene.

International recruitment has not only brought us success in finding some real talent, but it adds a uniqueness and diversity to our culture.

Last month we embarked on our third international hiring adventure in a year, beginning our tour in the city of lights — Paris. France is well-known for its budding tech scene, and is becoming a world leader in artificial intelligence. (Turns out their wine and cheese aren’t half bad either!)

In the months leading up to the event, we reviewed hundreds of applications, from which we organized three days of interviews in Paris. Some of the candidates we met with were local, while others traveled from around Europe, including England, Russia, Ukraine, and Siberia.

Overall, our recruitment trip was a great success! Having the opportunity to meet face-to-face with people from all corners of the world, who get just as excited by development, creativity and innovation as we do, was nothing short of amazing. We know these individuals will make a great contribution to our business and bring value to our merchants and their eCommerce stores.

We look forward to welcoming these friendly new faces to Bold and Winnipeg, Canada very soon!


Are you an awesome human being working in the eCommerce or tech space abroad? Are you ready for an exciting career change? Comment below and let us know what international city our hiring team should visit next!

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Suzy Bodiroga

Written by Suzy Bodiroga

As an HR-Marketing Strategist on the People Operations Team, Suzy works to elevate Bold's employer brand and help find and hire the best talent.

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