Bold expands to BigCommerce with Bold Everywhere!

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At Bold, we’re always looking for ways to empower more entrepreneurs to succeed. That's why we're excited to announce that our apps are now compatible on BigCommerce! 

Shopify merchants have been using our apps to unleash the full potential of their eCommerce stores for years, and now BigCommerce merchants can also use our innovative and industry-leading software to reach their goals.

As Shopify’s biggest development partner, we've grown alongside the platform by providing dozens of apps to merchants that help them with everything from social media to recurring orders to upselling. We’re excited to help as many merchants as possible by now offering our services on other platforms.

Our first offering on BigCommerce is our Bold Everywhere solution. A combination of three powerful apps — Cashier, Multi-Currency, and Mapply Store Locator — that optimize your checkout and conversions, providing multi-currency and multi-lingual services to your customers.

That means you can provide every shopper with a localized shopping experience, automatically displaying prices in your customers' local currency, and even allowing them to shop in different languages on your store. 

Here's a summary of Bold Everywhere's most powerful features that are now available to  BigCommerce users.


Sell seamlessly across borders

Make customers shopping thousands of miles away feel at home by providing a localized shopping experience on your store using Bold Multi-Currency.

The app uses built-in geolocation tools to automatically switch currencies based on your customers’ IP address, or allows them to select their own. 

Customers can browse, check-out, and process payments in one of over 150 real-time currencies, with with no additional credit card conversion fees.

Check-out in multiple languages

Since selling internationally is one of the more popular uses of Cashier, we're excited to now offer services in multiple languages as well as currencies with Bold Everywhere.

Your customers can view the checkout in English, French, and Spanish with a single click! Stay tuned: over the next few months we will be rolling out even more built-in languages. 

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Let your customers find you

Now that you can sell your products to the world, let the world find you. Our Mapply Store Locator app lets you display a customizable map on your website, showing customers all your store locations, hours, and any other details you'd like to include.

Store Locator has other built-in features like a heat map that shows you where people are searching for your store or products, customizable search filters for shoppers, and more!



The fastest checkout

This has been a big goal since day one. We want Cashier to be the fastest checkout ever. Every second that customers wait for a checkout to load, the more likely they are to abandon it. That's why we've shaved off every bit of load time we can.  


Custom AND customizable domains

Customers feel more secure when they see a consistent domain all the way through the checkout process. We're happy to let you know Cashier supports not just custom, but completely customizable domains.

So go ahead and get creative:,, you get the idea!

And so much more...

To find out what else this solution can do for you, take a look at Bold Everywhere on our website.

Is there a feature you're looking for that you don't see here? We'd love to know! If there's anything preventing you from using Bold Everywhere, or anything you think can make it better, let us know here. We want our apps to work flawlessly for every merchant, no matter what platform they use.

Check out Bold on the BigCommerce app store today!


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Written by John Bruce

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