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How One Client Made $24,498 in One Month Using Bold's Email Marketing Service

December 5, 2016


Many growing online stores are mastering social media marketing and building communities, yet they’re forgetting one of the core marketing components of an ecommerce business: email marketing.This is what one specific store was doing before they started working with Bold. The company was making more than $50,000/month and growing their online following without gathering email addresses from their customers, which is really impressive to say the least. With more than 3500 visitors a day, not capturing emails was a marketing crime! So, we chose them as beta tester of our new Bold Email Marketing service and they had the opportunity to work with our team for the past month.

What did we do?

We started by reviewing the data from their Shopify store to really understand their customers. We realized early that, as a personal care business, they had three main characteristics that makes them ideal for email marketing:

  • Consumable products
  • Diverse customer base
  • Wide selection

Consumable Products

After reviewing the customer latency graph (see below) we noticed a spike after the first and second purchase, between the third and seventh day post purchase. We created an automated series of three emails going out three, five and seven days after purchase to trigger what appears to be the customers’ natural buying habits.


Diverse Customer Base

We also noticed how their customer base is really diverse. Different customers have different shopping patterns and interaction with the brand. So leveraging customer segmentation was definitely in the plan. Since the store didn’t capture new emails, the only emails available were those belonging to previous customers, which could be segmented from super shoppers (VIPs) to casual shoppers (Moderate).

Wide Selection

The wide selection of product offered by this particular store is ideal for email marketing because it allowed us to recommend different products to different customers. Leveraging the predictive engine to automatically recommend products to the right customer at scale was clearly going to get a lot of orders.

To start, we created an email series that helped onboard new customers as they engaged with the company, post purchase. We set up:

  • A welcome email with a 15% off coupon; the email was designed to give every prospect who signed up for the newsletter an incentive to buy right away.
  • Post purchase emails (three, five and seven days post-purchase), the email was designed to keep customers engaged and encourage follow-up purchases while your top of mind.
  • Automated emails for inactive customers (six to 12 months without a purchase), the email was meant to “wake up” sleeping customers with special offers.
  • Abandoned cart emails to convert customers who didn’t finish the checkout process.
  • The company ran Friday Giveaways on Instagram and we created a special mailout to push those giveaways via emails which enabled the company to create giveaways based on customer quality.


In one month, we were quite pleased with the results as customers welcomed the email marketing program with open arms. Here’s our report card:


As you can see, these numbers are far above the industry average of 16% open and 2.5% CTR. These were possible because we used customer data to deliver emails and consistently monitored results to optimize things along the way. Rare’s predictive ability allowed us to deliver emails to each person at the time of day they’re most likely to shop, along with predictive product recommendations.

More than 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns rather than the one-size-fits-all way of thinking. So, if you’re not using an automated email series, you’re leaving money on the table.

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time, and increase your bottom line with Bold Email Marketing!

Mike Trakalo

Written by Mike Trakalo

Mike is a social media specialist and air guitar enthusiast at Bold.

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