Black Friday University Week 10: Classic Sales

November 18, 2016

sale-idea_10If you’d like to see how to run a ‘Classic’ sale in your store, take a look at the recorded webinar!

The following 5 stores were selected as the winners from the webinar attendees and will receive our Product Discount app for free!

We’ve been talking about it for awhile, but it’s finally here! Black Friday is only a week away and this is our last blog post before the big day, and we saved the best for last (if I do say so myself).


So let’s get into it. Our Product Discount app is the #1 most popular Black Friday app for Shopify and can help you run sales the same way a brick and mortar store can: by reducing the price on all your products! You can put certain segments of your store on sale, the whole store, or just hand selected products. All with only a few clicks.

It goes through your entire store and adjusts the price of every single item going on sale, and even puts the regular price in a ‘compare at’ price field. This way your customers can see how much they’re saving, increasing your conversion rates! Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like knowing they’re getting a deal.

Some other cool things you can do using Product Discount this Black Friday:

  • Add automatic sales icons to the items on sale. You can pick one of the many icon options from within the app or you can use your own custom designed image.
  • Instantly create or schedule sales for whenever you want.
  • Create sales based on a percentage or a specific dollar discount.
  • If you also have our famous Product Upsell app in your store, you can offer BOGO promotions!


Another sale idea to motivate your customers to buy is to use a high-converting countdown timer. There’s nothing better than a clock ticking down to convince someone to pull the trigger and complete their purchase, and it’s SO easy to set up using the app.  You can even offering different discount percentages during different time periods.

For example, at midnight, everything is 50% off. At 1am it changes to 40%, 2am is 30% and so on. It will get people visiting at specific times to get the best deals, and give them a time limit to make their purchases before they miss out on the sale.

*Note: Keep in mind, if you’re putting a lot of products on sale to make the stop time shortly before the actual cut-off. This will give the app enough time to change all the prices to what they should be.

Something else to think about is to offer your products on sale by category. Let’s say you’re selling shoes: you could have all your men’s shoes on sale from 12AM to 6AM, women’s shoes from 6AM to 12PM, kids shoes from 12PM to 6PM and so on. Change it up with larger and smaller time windows, or offer more than one category per time group.

No matter how you do it, it’s a great way to bring people back to your store at different times throughout the day. Who knows, maybe the second time they come back, they’ll see something they weren’t originally shopping for and buy that too!

And if all else fails, you can always run a classic store-wide sale.

Tried and true, this one will never get old, and never fails to get your customer to take that last step to complete their purchase. Using Product Discount, you can put your whole store on sale with the click of a button. How much to put everything on sale for is completely up to you, but the better the deal you can afford, the bigger incentive you’ll be giving your customers to buy from you.


Don’t think the app can only offer a store-wide sale though. There are a few special things you can do with this, like only putting certain categories on sale, or running the sale for only the last few hours of the day (or maybe even the first few).


We hope you've enjoyed our Black Friday University series these last few weeks, and if you missed any of the webinars, or want to read about the different types of sales you can offer on our blog, check them all out here.

And this year we want go above and beyond for our clients (you), and help kick your holiday sales up a level. We have a massive mailing list, and a pretty solid social media reach, that we want to use to promote your holiday sales!

Tell us about your holiday sales here, and we'll get the word out for you to hundreds of thousands of people. No strings attached, we just want to help our community 😀.


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