Black Friday University Week 5: The Great Gift Suggestion

October 18, 2016


Check out the recording of the free webinar, Week 5 Black Friday University series!   And read below for some easy ideas on how to implement this sales tactic this holiday season.

If you’ve been following along with our Black Friday University free webinar series, then you’ll probably have noticed the countdown clock telling us there are only 37 days until Black Friday!  (And believe us, the time is going to fly between now and then.)  We’ll continue to have a free webinar each Tuesday until Black Friday weekend, helping you optimize your eCommerce store to make the most possible sales on the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

With that said, let’s dive into our Week 5 topic:  

The Great Gift Suggestion, using our Product Upsell app!


Everyone has been asked, at some point in their life, “Would you like fries with that?”  That, my friends, is an “upsell”. Upselling is the act of offering a customer something extra to increase the total value of the sale. It’s so common in sales, you might not even realize you’re being upsold, probably on a daily basis! It’s literally everywhere. Here are some examples you’ve likely encountered:

  • Would you like an extra shot in your coffee?
  • Do you need protective spray for your new shoes?
  • Would you like to buy a case for your new phone?
  • Do you want to purchase a car wash with your fuel?
  • Would you like to upgrade to first class?
  • Would you like to up-size your beverage?
  • Would you like to purchase the extended warranty on your new car/appliance/device?

It’s a tried and true sales tactic, and the obvious benefit to a business is that it increases the total value of the sale. In fact, Shopify stores using Product Upsell have generated thousands of dollars in purchases to date, with a total overall conversion rate of 22%.  You can’t argue with that!

The cool thing about upselling is that, if you do it right, it can help to increase customer loyalty too. As sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer says, when you make your customer feel like they’re winning, you win too.

The upsell is a win for the customer because you’re offering something relevant and related to the product they came there to buy. 

Using the pair of shoes as the example, most people know protectant spray is important, but unless they’re reminded about using it, it might not cross their mind to buy some.

So, the upsell can be a good prompt for a shopper who wouldn’t have thought about purchasing that small extra without a reminder. And the great thing is, you'll probably have some customers who genuinely appreciate the reminder to buy that second item.  To them it won't be an upsell, it'll be a really great service you've done for them, and they'll get something they actually need. Fancy that!

And, obviously, this works really well with holiday gifts. We give gifts to make others happy, and when those gifts are thoughtful AND useful, that's a true bonus.  So if you're selling nail polish, upsell some polish remover or cotton pads.  If you're selling dog collars, upsell a bag of treats.  If you're selling pants, upsell a belt. It's usually not tough to come up with a useful, related upsell item for pretty much anything in your store.


One nice aspect of our
Product Upsell app is that you can customize your text in the upsell popup at the point of checkout, adding some encouragement about why they should buy the upsell item. You can change that text whenever you want; perhaps you’ll modify it depending on the time of year, so the encouragement is even more relevant.  The more relevant the item and message, the more likely you’ll sell that extra item!

For example, during Black Friday weekend, the store selling the shoes could change the upsell text to read,

“It’s the holiday season, give your new kicks the gift of protection from the elements!  Keep them looking fresh and new with our protectant spray.”

But, you don’t only have to base your upsell product strictly on cart content.  With our app, you have the option of making an offer based on the total value of the cart, or a combination of both.


Product Upsell also works seamlessly with our other Bold apps, so you can make your upsell offer shine and really build that customer loyalty with a big win for the shopper.

For example, if you use Product Upsell along with Product Discount, you’ll be able to offer your upsell item at a lesser cost.  So this time, the customer who bought those shoes would get an offer to buy the spray, BUT that spray might be 20% off the regular price.  

And if your text reflects that they’re getting a special price on the extra item, they’ll be even more encouraged to buy it. Nothing makes a customer feel special like knowing they’re getting a discount that’s only being offered to them.  That's the "customer win" we were talking about earlier.

Another neat way to use Product Upsell and Product Discount together, would be to offer an item that isn’t actually available for purchase in the store.  Instead of being offered the protectant spray, the shoe shopper might be offered funky laces with a message saying something like,


 “You’ve got the kicks, now make sure they’re one-of-a-kind by adding these unique laces!  These laces are only available with the purchase these specific shoes!”

These ideas are only just hitting the tip of the iceberg for how you can use Product Upsell to your advantage this holiday season (and year round!)  

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Kim Babij-Gesell

Written by Kim Babij-Gesell

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