Customer Spotlight: Rave Coffee

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Company:  Rave Coffee

Store Owner:  Dean Smolicz

Location:  Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Which Bold app(s) are you using?   Recurring Orders

How long have you had a Shopify store?  Since 2011! 

Tell us about Rave Coffee.

Dean Smolicz: "Rave Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that was started by my aunt and uncle in the UK about five years ago, and we also have a branch here in Canada that I run.  We opened up in Canmore, Alberta two years ago, and Shopify is what we use for our online sales."  

How did Bold’s app help improve your business?  

Dean Smolicz: "The ability for us to be able to offer subscriptions to our customers is a huge advantage over our competitors. We used to offer subscriptions and monitor these manually through a spreadsheet but the process was lengthy and prone to error.  Then, we tried a competitor’s app to run our subscriptions but we were really having some issues.  The main issue we were having with other apps was orders being missed, they weren’t coming through correctly.  And what was happening, when we updated our product, our subscriptions would reset to zero and we would have no idea how many we had sent out.  It was a small problem for us here in Canada with a fairly small subscription base, but it was a very big one for our people in the UK where they have a couple hundred subscribers. The old app we were using was causing more issues than it was solving.

Then Bold enabled gift subscriptions on the Recurring Orders app, which was a big update.

And since we went to Recurring Orders a couple of months ago, it’s been going very well.  We have about 20 subscribers in Canada since we switched over, which is great.  We’re running a Groupon right now for new subscriptions so that’s increasing things, and we’ve been working the past few weeks to get codes uploaded and things like that, and Bold’s support has been really great to deal with.  Any time I have needed something adjusted in the app, their support team has made the change within 48 hours.

Having this system automated means that no customer can ever be forgotten.  A better experience for the customer means they are more likely to purchase the product again and in return, provide an increase in our revenues."


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Marshal Fries

Written by Marshal Fries

Marshal Fries is an ecommerce writer and content creator at Bold Commerce and a fantasy sports fanatic.

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