How to offer gift wrapping on Shopify


During the holiday season, people are looking to get great gifts for everyone on their lists, and if it's not truly a gift unless it's wrapped up!

That's why offering gift wrapping is such a great opportunity during the holidays.

This is one of those ideas that may not jump off the page and really get you excited... but it should!

Gift wrapping is a great way of to increase average order value and a nice extra incentive for people to buy from you instead of their competitors.

Your customers probably have a lot of people to buy gifts for, plus other holiday plans keeping them busy. That's why taking present wrapping off their to-do list could be what gets them to buy from instead of your competitor. 

If you can offer this service and simplify things for them, they're going to love you for it. And guess what? They're not just going to love you, they're going to spend more with you too!

Today I've got three different ways you can offer gift wrapping throughout holidays!

The gift wrapping cross-sell

Upsell Gift Wrapping Shopify

The first and most straightforward way to offer
gift wrapping is to use Bold Upsell and offer gift wrapping as a cross-sell.

Use these instructions to create a cross-sell for whichever products you'd like to offer gift wrapping for. You can set the offer to trigger right when shoppers add an item to their cart, or when they go to check out.

Use whichever one you think has better chance of being accepted.

You can set different offers for various products as well, so if you have smaller and larger items, you can charge more or less to wrap each one, and use different photos for corresponding offers. 

There's no shortage of ways you can make this work on your store!

Install Bold Upsell


Offer a gift wrapping add-on option

Add Gift Wrapping Shopify

Another great way to offer gift wrapping is by creating an add-on option. The nice thing about doing it this way is that you can offer all kinds of different options right on the product page without any extra windows. 

This also lets your customers see all the available options (and prices) while they're deciding what they want to buy. 

If you want to offer more than one type of gift wrapping for each product, this is definitely the way I would recommend doing it.

Use Bold Product Options to follow these instructions and set up a swatch as your gift wrap option. It's a bit of a work around (using the swatch to offer gift wrapping), but it works!


Super simple, and like I said before, you can add as many different options as you want!

Install Bold Product Options

The gift wrapping motivator bar

Add Gift Wrapping on Shopify


This last option is a great way to not only offer gift wrapping, but also give people an incentive to buy just a little bit more than they normally would.

Let's say you want to offer free gift wrapping (or free shipping) to anyone who spends more than $100 on your store. 

Install Bold Motivator and use these instructions to set up gift wrapping as their "free product."

At the top of the screen, your customers will first see a small bar that tells them about the offer. Then every time they add something to their cart, the bar will drop back down to let them know how much more they need to spend to get their free offer. 

This does wonders for people who are checking out with cart totals that are just short of the offer amount — they'll probably add one more thing to their order to reach the spending minimum.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to set you spending goal just above your average order value.

They'll know that by adding just one more thing, they'll be able to get something for free! Sometimes that small extra push is all it takes to increase your average order size. As always, this one is nice and simple too. 

Install Bold Motivator

Wrapping things up

Now that you've seen all the cool ways you could be offering gift wrapping on your store, it's time to pick your favourite and get started.

Don't forget to check out our easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to set up gifting wrapping on Shopify. If you like exclusive content, join the Bold Commerce Facebook Community and be part of an active and engaged community of ecommerce professionals. 


Let us know in the comments below what type of gift wrapping offer you chose for your store so we can go check it out!

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Written by Jordan Labelle

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