Our Client Spikeball on Shark Tank

It's always a big deal when a client that you work closely with goes on Shark Tank! It's an even bigger deal when it's the Season Finale and they end up getting a $500,000 investment from one of our favorite Sharks!

So we couldn't be more happy when, last week, one of our clients went on the hit ABC show "Shark Tank" and got an investment to boot!

What is Spikeball?

"Do you even Spike bro?"

For those that might not be aware, Spikeball is a new and rapidly growing sport that is best described as a game somewhere between Volleyball and Four Square. Not the Foursquare the app you geeks, Four Square the game we used to play as kids on the street and in the playgrounds! If you haven't checked it out yet, it's actually a really awesome game! Great for the beach and backyard parties. We even have one in our office!

This video says it all


Spikeball on Shark Tank

This past Friday the guys from Spikeball went "Into the Shark Tank" looking for an investment in their company to accelerate the growth even more! After a bit of negotiating they ended up getting a deal from Daymond John for $500K, which is one of the larger deals on the show! We couldn't be more happy for a better group of guys! If you missed the show you can catch it at these links:


ABC   In the States click here to watch it on ABC

CTV   In Canada click here to watch it on CTV


Bold & Spikeball

So why are we so excited? Although it's not our product being sold, when we take on the design of an online store we like to think of it as if it were our own. So when they see success, we honestly feel happy right along with them.

Our relationship with Spikeball began just over a year ago when they approached us to completely rebuild their online store on Shopify. Working closely with them for a couple of months, we were able to build them a completely new storefront that suited their brand and the target audience they were trying to reach. When the new storefront we built went live they saw an almost immediate increase of over 18% in online sales, and it's just going up from there! 

Bold Commerce Spikeball

After launching their new site, Spikeball chose to continue their relationship with us through our Shopify webmaster program. The webmaster program essentially makes us their "in-house" design and development shop. We manage the design and development needs of their online store while they focus on growing their business!

Last month a few of the guys from Spikeball flew up to Winnipeg and spent a few days at our office. Chris had a chance to sit down for a few minutes and talk about his experiences with Bold.

Bold has been nothing short of amazing. Having them as a partner has made our lives so much easier, and given us a support system that is scalable with our growing business. Plus, it doesn't hurt they're so much fun to work with!"

- Scott Palmer, COO, Spikeball Inc.

We continue to work with Spikeball today and with their ambition and goals for the future, we're so excited to see this investment come from Daymond John on The Shark Tank. Spikeball is an incredibly fun game, the people behind it are passionate about the sport and overall amazing people! We couldn't be happier for these guys!!

If you're interested in webmaster services for your Shopify store like Spikeball has you can apply here. Because of the time requirement for this, and to keep a very high level of service, we only allow a few stores on at a time. Here's some feedback from Spikeball about the webmaster program


Spikeball is also one of our featured Shopify Plus clients. If you've ever considered taking your store to the next level, as a certified Shopify Plus partner, we can help! 

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Written by Jay Myers

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