How to create your own checkout with Bold Cashier: A webinar series

August 20, 2019


A few years back we launched Bold Cashier, and since then, over 6,000 stores have installed it to improve their checkout. This includes some of Shopify's biggest brands, like Staples, Sock Fancy, Represent, and Ember.

These brands trust Cashier because it gives them full control over their checkout. In fact, it goes beyond that, letting them design their own checkout, one that's perfect for their business. I want to show you how to do the same.

Over the next nine weeks, I'll be hosting a webinar every Thursday doing a deep dive into everything Cashier can do for your business, how it's helping stores sell more, and how you can use it to do the same!

Make sure you grab a spot before they run out! Some topics we'll cover are: 

  • One-page or multi-page checkout.
  • One-click upsells after checkout.
  • Multi-currency prices and payments.
  • Automated cross-border taxes and duties.
  • Payment terms for wholesale clients.
  • Pre-orders / Backorders.

If you already use Bold apps like Upsell, Subscriptions, or Multi-Currency, Cashier can be a game-changer. It combines with these apps to unlock functionality that will make your checkout more powerful than ever. 

If you're seeing this after the webinars have started, don't worry! Click below to see if any spots have opened up.

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If you want to learn how to plan and create a checkout that's customized to your store, make sure you watch this series. Here's a breakdown of the first four webinars.


Week 1: Intro to Cashier: August 22, 1:00pm CST 

Learn the basics of Cashier and how you can use it to create a powerful checkout that does everything you need it to do and more. I'll give you a high-level walkthrough of why we built it, the key benefits of using it for your Shopify checkout, and how some of the integrations work.


Week 2: Upsell + Cashier: August 29, 1:00pm CST

Whether or not you already use Bold Upsell, discover how to wield the most effective upselling techniques with the combined power of Cashier and Upsell. Learn how to set up an upsell after check out, and a post-purchase upsell funnel. 


Week 3: Multi-Currency + Cashier: September 5, 1:00pm CST

Learn how to automatically display your prices and accept payments in almost any currency and display your checkout in multiple languages, giving international customers a seamless checkout experience. 


Week 4: Subscriptions + Cashier: September 12, 1:00pm CST

Learn how to use features only available with Cashier, like Upsell by Email, white-labeled checkout, Product Shuffle, and multi-currency billing for subscribers. I'll also answer some common questions, like how to switch over to Cashier if you're already using Subscriptions.


Week 5: Cashier for B2B: September 19 1:00pm CST

Make wholesaling easy with Bold Cashier. Whether you want to offer dealer pricing with one or 100 different wholesale pricing levels, set up terms, use credit limits, or accept deposits Cashier, can handle it.


Week 6: Cashier + 3rd party integrations: September 26, 1:00pm CST

Cashier was designed from the ground up with integrations in mind. That's probably why it's the easiest checkout to develop features into! Whether there's a custom solution you need for your store, or a partner looking to integrate your app, learn how to do it with Cashier in a walkthrough of our favorite examples.


Week 7: Cashier + Discount Manager: October 3, 1:00pm CST

Learn how to run sophisticated promotions with start and stop times and complicated logic using Bold Cashier! Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Bold's Price Rule Engine handles the logic for hundreds of sales at once.

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Week 8: Cashier + Loyalty Points: October 10, 1:00pm CST

Discover all the benefits of accepting loyalty points like cash including using it to issue credit, offer an employee purchase program, and much more. 

Cashier is the Shopify checkout you've been waiting for

I can't wait to show you what Cashier can do for your store! Sign up today to learn how to create a powerful checkout!

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Written by Jay Myers

As one of Bold's co-founders, Jay is constantly looking at new ways to innovate in eCommerce and improve the lives of merchants

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