The new Bold Discounts: Faster and more powerful than ever!


Promotions and sales can effectively drive revenue by persuading shoppers to buy right away, and we're proud to present you with an app that makes putting them on easier than ever.

Introducing the NEW & Improved Bold Discounts. This sale and promotion app helps you easily create custom promotions that attract and convert customers.

Quickly update storefront prices, create flexible sales, schedule discounts, and sync all related price changes across multiple sales channels — all with one app. Learn how Bold Discounts makes creating, scheduling, managing, and marketing sales and promotions easier than ever.

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Why you need the new Bold Discounts

Install or upgrade now to access key improvements that give you more control over your sales and promotions. The free trial is available to everyone, even if you already have the old version!

Here's a breakdown of all the features.

  • NEW! Discount by variant: Easily offer different discounts on variants of a product to make more money.
  • NEW! No product duplicates: Bold Discounts doesn't duplicate any variants on your store, making inventory systems easier to manage. Avoiding duplicates can also be beneficial for SEO.
  • NEW! Improved speed: Discount your products FASTER than ever before! Storefront prices change at a rate of 1000 products in 10 seconds, while the prices in your Shopify admin change at a rate of one product per second, the fastest currently possible on the platform. (But even if prices are still changing, your store will charge the correct price. Learn more.)
  • NEW! Manage VIP and wholesale promotions: Combine Bold Discounts with Bold Custom Pricing for full flexibility in pricing and promotions to specific customer groups.
  • NEW! Intelligent logic to manage multiple offers: Run multiple offers simultaneously without the risk of stacking or combining discounts. Bold Discounts automatically displays the best deal on your storefront for every product.
  • NEW! Discount to a fixed price: Customize your sales by offering discounts at a percentage off, dollar amount off, or at a fixed price. For example, "All Jeans: $20." You can also discount by a percentage or dollar amount off just like with the old Discounts.
  • NEW! Optimized and mobile-friendly UI: Change prices and manage sales on your mobile device with your Shopify app.
  • IMPROVED! Custom sales icons: Add sale icons, images, a custom block of text, or custom HTML to products when they’re on sale (Sale, Final Sale, New Markdowns, and so on). When the sale is live they appear, when the sale is over they automatically disappear.
  • Pre-schedule sales: Schedule your sales to start and stop whenever you want. As mentioned earlier, you can run multiple offers at once without worrying about discounts combining or stacking. Products automatically revert back to their original price once the sale is over.
  • "Compare at" prices: Display the original price of every product you're discounting so shoppers always know the great deal they're getting. The regular price sits next to the sale price with a strikethrough line so customers can see how much they're saving right from the product and collection pages.
  • Countdown timers: Create urgency and motivate shoppers to buy now by displaying a fully-customizable live countdown timer on every sale item on your store. You can even add it to your home page with one line of code.
  • Homepage features: Draw attention to your sale items by highlighting your daily deals and feature items on your homepage, so everyone on your site can see them.
  • Prices sync in all your sales channels: Since discounts are made directly in your Shopify admin, prices will also change in any supported sales channels your store is connected to, like Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. (Premium tier only)
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With the app, you can schedule all kinds of dynamic sales. Get creative: It's up to you which combination of promotions, products, and time frames will help maximize profitability and turn shoppers into paying customers.

  • Sales on a specific brand or vendor
  • Sales by product type
  • Sales by variant level 
  • Sales on a collection
  • Sales on a hand-picked group of products
  • Sales that are applied storewide

Here's how to start your 14-day free trial now!

If you have the old version of Bold Discounts, you can start upgrading to the new Discounts in four easy steps:

1. Make note of all the current promotions you have active or scheduled and then pause all CURRENTLY active promotions.
  • This part is important! If you do not pause active promotions before you uninstall the app, your products will not return to their regular price. You’ll also have to reschedule any current or upcoming sales because they will not transfer to the new version of Bold Discounts.

2. Log in to Product Discount on your Shopify store.

3. Find the upgrade widget in the navigation menu on the top right side.

4. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided.

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Some tips for running effective sales and discounts

We hope this helped you decide if Bold Discounts is right for you. But remember, there's a lot more to a sale than just discounting your prices! 

It's important to be deliberate and strategic with what kind of sales you offer to make sure they're profitable.

To help you choose what amount you should discount your products, take a look at this post on Psychological pricing: A secret sauce to more sales.

Need more help? Find out how to create a flash sale or offer a killer storewide sale with these step-by-step instructions. You can also reach out to our Merchant Success team for help at any time!

The NEW Bold Discounts: easily create custom promotions that attract and convert

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- how to create customizable discounts that attract and convert customers
- pro tips, real-life stories for inspiration, and much more! 

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