How this artisan turned his hobby into a full-time business


Chuck Allen's leather and pottery goods might have started as a creative outlet, but they eventually allowed him to quit his day job and pursue his passion full time.

The pottery products and hand-stitched leather bags he creates and sells in-person and online inspired the name of his growing brand: Earth and Hide. 


After revamping his website with Bold apps, Allen saw his sales increase tenfold. His eCommerce success allowed him to quit his office job and focus full time on what he is most passionate about: inspiring others with his products and workshops. 

In addition to hand-crafting beautiful bags, belts, pottery, and more, Allen runs workshops for people who are interested in learning how to make their own leather and pottery goods. 

This is how Allen passes along both his creations and his creativity.

Using Bold Upsell and Bold Product Options, Allen was able to create an online store to reach a wider audience without losing the brick-and-mortar simplicity he had built his business on. 


Check out the full case study to learn about how Bold is helping Allen’s business continue to grow in the online marketplace.

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John Bruce

Written by John Bruce

John is a full-time copywriter, part-time boxing coach, and former cable-access host.

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