Google Autocomplete integration for  Bold Subscriptions

google autocomplete integration for bold recurring orders shopify app 

We're excited to announce our Subscriptions app for Shopify is now integrated with the Google Autocomplete system for checkout!

What is Google Autocomplete?

This new feature from Google makes it quick and easy for customers to complete the checkout process. Instead of having to fill out multiple fields on the checkout, it will use your customers street address to auto-populate the empty fields.

Just a couple weeks ago, Shopify announced the integration was coming to the Shopify checkout experience. We're so passioniate about your customer's experiences here at Bold, we're bringing this same integration to our checkout mere days after it was released.

How does it work?

All you have to do is connect Subscriptions to your Google Places account and you'll be experiencing higher conversion rates in minutes. 

It's been proven that reducing the amount of friction during a potential customers checkout process will make them more likely to complete their purchase. Our integration with Google Autocomplete brings that experience to the Recurring Orders checkout:

connect shopify app to google places account

How do I turn it on?

Setting up Google Autocomplete with Recurring Orders is easy and recommended for any stores that don't already have a system in place. Simply read this guide and follow the steps. Higher conversion rates await!

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