How a homemade snack became a nationwide business

Colleen Dyck cooked up her own energy snack to keep her going between mom duties, triathlon practice, and work. But after she shared it with her friends and training partners, it quickly grew into a nationwide business: GORP Clean Energy Bar.

But finding the recipe for eCommerce success took some time, and it turned out that Bold's apps were the missing ingredients. They expanded GORP's Shopify store functionality to foster growth and success.

Today, thousands of people eat GORP bars to get the fuel they need to live healthy and active lives.


But when GORP first got their online store up and running, Dyck realized it had some pain points that Shopify couldn't solve on its own. She turned to Bold Upsell and Bold Subscriptions to fulfill all the needs of her store so GORP could continue to grow.

Check out the full case study to learn more about how GORP used Bold to unleash the full potential of its eCommerce store.

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John Bruce

Written by John Bruce

John is a full-time copywriter, part-time boxing coach, and former cable-access host.

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