How to strategically price your products


Too high and you'll scare your customers away, too low and your brand will lose value: so what's the secret formula to pricing your products?

While we don't have a crystal ball, we DO have proven strategies to show you that will drive sales to your online store, including setting your price higher than your competitors, how to break into an over saturated market, getting customers to make decisions based on emotion, and how to move more products with bundling. 

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3:38: Pricing at a premium + perceived value
9:35: Undercutting your competitors in a saturated market
16:10: Psychological pricing: how emotions can affect the buying process
26:21: Bundling: Sell more by pairing frequently bought items together



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John Bruce

Written by John Bruce

John is a full-time copywriter, part-time boxing coach, and former cable-access host.

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