How to take awesome product photos

Welcome to season 2 of School of Commerce!! 

If you're new around here, I'll give you a quick rundown. School of Commerce is a free livestream that we host every 2 weeks with the main goal of helping entrepreneurs become eCommerce experts. Basically, we want to make starting and running your online store as easy as possible! It's great because it's live, so you can ask questions at anytime to get personalized advice for your store.

Last year we brought you 24 lessons including some of our personal favorites, How to choose a high-converting Shopify theme and How to start a drop shipping business by the end of the week.

And we wanted to kick off this year with a continuation of one of our most popular episodes, Why product photos are the most important part of your marketing strategy. We'll go over to power of first impressions on your store, and show you step-by-step how you can take high-quality product photos at home using things you can find at just about any store.

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5:00: Why product photos are important

11:15: What you need to take quality photos
16:00: Walk through a photo set-up 
20:50: Photo touch ups

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John Bruce

Written by John Bruce

John is a full-time copywriter, part-time boxing coach, and former cable-access host.

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