How to use Bold's Loyalty Points app to run a successful Loyalty Program

We’ve done a series of posts on everything you need to know to launch a successful Loyalty Program on your Shopify store. Today we're going tie it all together. 

In our first post, we explored the benefits of offering a loyalty program on your store, different types of loyalty programs and rewards you could offer, and the groundwork you should lay before launching.

In our second post, we took a peek into the world of marketing your loyalty program, including what communication channels to focus on, what to center your content around, different sale ideas for a successful launch, and how to measure your success.

How members can redeem loyalty points

With our latest release, your customers now have the option to redeem points in the checkout, just like cash. In the past, customers had to check out on the product page if they wanted to redeem points, running the risk of the unfamiliar cart scaring them away. Now, it's the same checkout they're used to, and WAY easier to provide a seamless redemption process for your customers.

They can use discount codes to generate rewards for dollar amounts, percentages, or shipping discounts.

The shipping process has also been upgraded. Previously, there was no way to charge shipping on a product if a customer was using their points to purchase the item. With this release, your customers will be charged the regular shipping rates that you've applied to your store, OR, they can choose to use points to pay for shipping.

It also allows a mixed cart at checkout (some items being redeemed with points, some without), and lets your customers redeem points and use a coupon code at the same time. 

What do you do now?

You have all of this info, but how do you actually make it a reality. Today, we'll talk about Bold Loyalty Points for Shopify. Once installed, it will take care of everything we've talked about (and we'll even set it up for you).

In short
Increase Customer Loyalty  -  Increase Sales  -  Increase Cart Totals
Bold's Loyalty Points app is simple, powerful, and makes it ridiculously easy to reward customers for shopping on your store. You decide how many points customers will receive for each product they purchase, which they can then redeem for awesome rewards. The app is fully customizable, drives repeat purchases, and schedules sales with the click of a button.

Maximize your sales
We built in these free and easy features that will increase engagement on your store and let you run sales without lowering your prices:



Increase loyalty

Surprise and excite your customers with personalized rewards to show you care:



Built in marketing tools

Remember when we were talking about how important marketing your loyalty program is?

We’ve built in a full set of email templates you can send to customers when they earn new points, redeem points, and even a welcome email when they join the program.

They all come ready to go, but you can customize them to match your brand. We’ve even built in tracking analytics to track how many points your customers are earning and redeeming so you can always keep your program up to date.

Support team dedicated to your success

As Shopify's largest app developer, we take customer service seriously.

Our Merchant Success team is available by
 email, chat, or phone to answer any questions you have once your program is up and running. 

More amazing features
Check out the app store listing to view all our awesome features, but we picked 4 of our favorites to give you a sneak peek:


Ready to launch your Loyalty Program?
Whether you're looking for more information or you're ready to start your 30 day free trial, you can find out more by taking a look at our app store listing


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