How we automated our clients wholesale business, delivering an on demand, up-to-date catalog of products right to their customer inboxes

March 30, 2017

 Did we mention we did all that AND cut their man hours to zero?

A digital solution for your 'pen and paper' customers

In many industries, especially those that mainly deal with wholesale purchases, customers are used to doing things the old fashioned way. They print off a catalog of products and either physically send off their selections or phone them in. Unheard of, right?

Since you’re reading this on our blog, it might seem odd to you, Sara_square.pngbut when Wholesale Tile Liquidation decided to take their business online, only half their customers were excited about the flexibility it offered and how it streamlined the way they could choose their products and checkout.

The other half still wanted to do things with pen and paper, and we needed a way to accommodate them.

The problem

Through complicated database exports, spreadsheet formulas, and lots of manual data entry, staff at WTL were updating their catalog of products on a bi-weekly, and sometimes even weekly basis.

By the time the catalog was ready, the inventory levels and in-stock items had already changed, leading to customer's orders getting canceled because products weren’t available in the quantities they wanted, or were completely out of stock. 

Not only was this a huge problem on it’s own, but it doesn’t even take into account the number of man hours being wasted, continuously creating and maintaining catalogs that didn't have reliable information in them. 

We created a solution that reduced company man hours
to ZERO, provided accurate inventory levels,
and increased
client satisfaction.

The solution

Our Managed Services team worked closely with WTL to create a custom solution that changed the way their wholesale customers shopped: an on demand, up-to-date catalog of products delivered right to their customers. 

At any hour of the day, customers can now generate a PDF catalog of all available products in the store of their choice and have it delivered right to their inbox. 

Wholesale tile.gif

Our solution outputs product images, product specs and dimensions, as well as cost and inventory levels, just like they would online.

The potential for sales is huge

Not only are customers confident in placing wholesale orders, but they can even provide the catalog to their own customers to place orders. 

Want to see it in action?

Head over to Wholesale Tile Liquidation to see how your customers could potentially create their own catalog of up-to-date products, or click here to see an example catalog we created.


Want to see what they can do for you? If you have 2 minutes to spare, click the button below to get a free, personalized quote from our Managed Services team. They work with stores of all sizes, but are best matched with medium sized stores who have over 40K visitors a month and roughly $400,000 a year in revenue. 

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Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

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