Introducing Bold Recurring Orders Certified Partners

October 4, 2017


Subscriptions are everywhere these days. 

From software, to coffee, bracelets, and fishing tackle - everything is being offered on a subscription basis - and for good reason. Subscriptions are one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty and value.
We noticed this trend years ago when we launched the Bold Recurring Orders app. We knew Shopify merchants wanted a way to offer recurring purchases and subscriptions, and we wanted to provide them with a powerful and intuitive way to do so.

Since the launch of Recurring Orders, we’ve continued to add new features to the app and provide second-to-none support for all our users. We’ve helped stores sell millions of dollars worth of subscriptions, and gain hundreds of thousands of subscribers. We support some of the largest brands on Shopify Plus, including Puravida Bracelets and Lucky Tackle Box.

"Our clients have high expectations for us, so we have high expectations of our technology partners. Recurring Orders provides the most versatile and robust subscription functionality for Minion Made & our clients." - Vinny Galiano, Minion Made

As the stores using Recurring Orders have grown, so have their subscription models. When we first launched the app, most of the subscriptions utilized our default widget. Now, more than ever, stores are using complex workflows to make it easier for customers to choose the right subscription.

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I want to start selling Subscriptions!

We’ve recognized a need for subscription specialists: Experts in both Shopify development and Recurring Orders, agencies who can help you customize the app to fit your exact specifications, and developers who can create custom subscription experiences like this.

This is why we’re extremely excited to announce Recurring Orders Certified Partners.

Certified Partners are a group of Shopify Experts experienced in implementing Recurring Orders and creating fantastic, custom, subscription experiences. We’re ecstatic to have some great partners on board, including:

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 12.50.48 PM.jpg


Just check out these two great examples of custom subscription experiences:

Scratch Coffee - This intuitive subscription workflow was created by SeaMonster Studios. It helps potential customers through the process of choosing their coffee, the number of bags, and how frequently they need shipments.

Beantown Coffee Roasters - A simplistic implementation of a subscription option by Pointer.

We will continue to expand our team of Certified Partners and educate them on creating cutting-edge subscription experiences on Shopify Plus. Combined with exhaustive new APIs, and integrations with the best apps and services on Shopify, Bold Recurring Orders is the home of subscriptions on Shopify.

Interested in becoming a Certified Partner of Recurring Orders? Let us know.

You can read all about the program on our brand new Recurring Orders website here.

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