Introducing "Build-a-Box" for Bold Subscriptions

May 16, 2017

Today we're excited to announce our latest feature to our Shopify Recurring Orders app, and it's a GOOD one! It's called Build-a-Box and it allows you to create custom box or meal-plan style subscriptions that customers can tweak each month a few days before the shipment goes out.  The video explains it well. 

The NEW subscription feature no other app on Shopify has

Bold Subscriptions has always given you the ability to sell subscriptions boxes on Shopify. You can offer curated boxes based on your customers interests, or even a ‘surprise’ box every month like one of our biggest clients, Lucky Tackle Box.

With our newest release, your customers now have the option to choose exactly what they want sent to them in their subscription box from a curated selection of products. Your customers will get exactly what they want each month, and you get the recurring revenue for your online store.

We’re calling it Build-a-Box

Why? Your customers literally get to build their own unique subscription box every month at a set recurring price.

They still have the same subscription options as before, but now they have the bonus option of switching out products based on their individual preferences.

An example might looks like this if it was a meal plan subscription.

Screenshot at May 11 22-25-27.png

Of the 6 meals to choose from, your customers will select how many of each one they want. When they're done, they'll click save, and their next shipment will be with those choices. For the next week (or month or whatever) they can log back in and tweak it again. 

As the store owner, you can update these items as much as you like too! So every month the customer can come and see new exciting options. This is GREAT for increasing retention. 



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How it works

Your customers aren’t just choosing a ‘theme’ of products they’ll receive in their subscription box, your customers will be receiving individual items that they’ve personally selected.

Their recurring billing stays the same, only the products will change.

And there’s no limit on the number of items you can offer for selection and no limit on the number of items your customers can include in each box. It’s all chosen by you.

Take a look at our test store to see it live in action. 

What if they forget to log in and make their selections?

That’s no problem!

Each of your products can be assigned to a label inside the app, and if a customer does not login and change their selection, they’ll receive the new product with the same label as their previous selection.

1.png 2.png
Selling wine? If their order isn't updated, they'll automatically receive the next 'our favourite' selection for their next order. Meal plans? If they chose scambled eggs last month, they'll receive the new 'egg dish' option.

Let’s use a beauty box as an example. Let’s say in January a customer chooses a volumizing shampoo, texturizing dry shampoo, and a flexible hold hairspray for their personalized subscription box.

In February, the products you offer will have changed, so if that same customer forgets to log in to make their new selection, the app will use the labels assigned to their January selections to choose their products for February.

Their January selections will have the labels ‘shampoo,’ ‘dry shampoo,’ and ‘hairspray.’ So in their February box they’ll automatically receive the new shampoo, dry shampoo and hairspray options that you’re offering.

Let's get right into some examples

This feature was originally built with food delivery services in mind, but we’ll show you how it can increase recurring revenue on just about any eCommerce store.

Automate the delivery process

Food Delivery
One of our amazing clients Kathy’s Table is using our Recurring Orders app to deliver freshly prepared meals to their customers.

They wanted their customers to have the option to log into their account and create a personalized delivery, or recurring order, every 2 weeks from their rotating menu items instead of them manually entering in the information . Enter Build-a-Box!

Now every 2 weeks when their new menu is released, their customers can login and create their own order based on their preference.


Want their famous Mac and Cheese everyday? No problem! Or if they’re looking for more variety they can choose a different menu item for each day. And if they forget to login to make their next selection, they’ll get the new menu item with that same label sent to them. (ex. If they ordered all Mac and Cheese on the last order, they’ll get the new menu item with the same ‘pasta’ label sent to them.)


Create a VIP shopping experience

Fashion Subscription Box

Let’s say your store offers an apparel subscription box that ships 4 times a year, at the beginning of each new season, that has a top, pair of bottoms, and a coordinating pair of shoes.


Instead of having your customers complete a survey so you can try and guess what they want to receive, you can let them choose the actual items they’ll get each new season. And if they don’t like the shoe options for summer, they can always choose an extra top and switch that back to a pair of shoes in the fall.

It’s the ultimate way to create a VIP shopping experience tailored to each individual customer to guarantee that they’ll like what they get each month. And happy customers stay subscribed!


Increase your subscription numbers

Wine of the Month Club

If you have a subscription business delivering a curated bottle of wine each month, you now have the option to dramatically increase your subscription numbers!

One of the main barriers customers have to committing to a subscription box is the fear that they won’t like what they get and they’ll be wasting their money.

Using Build-a-Box you can let your customers select each bottle of wine that they’ll receive.

Not only can you still offer the traditional option of receiving that ‘surprise’ bottle of wine every month, but now you can convert those customers who are on the fence by letting them choose their own bottle as well. You’ll still be curating their selection of wines for them, but they’ll choose the actual bottle they’ll receive.

Offer a whole new level of flexibility

Coffee Subscription


Using Build-a-Box, you could offer your customers a unique coffee subscription box each month that includes any 3 products they want, with the option to choose from coffee filters, coffee beans, k cups or travel mugs. Month One they might select 2 different flavours of coffee and a mug. Month Two they could switch their order to 2 new flavours of coffee and a package of filters, Month Three could be 3 packages of their favourite coffee they’ve tried so far, etc.

How do I set this up on my store?

First, you need Bold Subscriptions to start your subscription business on Shopify.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, your personal Account Manager will work with you to set up your subscription business and make sure everything is working perfectly.

This is a free service we offer to make sure all our new clients succeed: and that’s on top of our no risk free trial, free code installation & theme update. We can even import your subscriptions from another app for you. :)

Once you’ve set up the app, or if you already have it, click here to learn how to set up Build-a-Box on your store.

If you have any questions at all, send us an email or check out our release page for all the details.

Bottom line: This new release will make you more $$

One of the main reasons people cancel their subscriptions is the fact that they have no option to change/edit their subscriptions.

And even an increase in customer retention of just 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%! That’s a whole lot more money in your pocket.

Not only will it increase your current profits, but since no other subscription app on Shopify has this new feature, it has the potential to increase your monthly recurring revenue as well.

Let us know in the comments below how you’re using this new feature! We’d love to feature you and your store on our blog :)

Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

Written by Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

Melanie is a content creator at Bold, and is a reality tv aficionado.

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