Get bigger orders from your subscribers with Upsell by Email

We've got game-changing news for your subscription business. Now, your customers can add more items to their subscription box — right from their inbox, increasing your average order size!
It's thanks to Bold Subscriptions' new feature: Upsell by Email. Send targeted email offers to subscribers that they can add to their next order with just a few clicks!
Upsell by Email is a powerful addition to Bold Subscriptions' professional tier that includes other premium features like a dedicated account manager, build a box, and product shuffle.

Why should you use Upsell by Email?

  • It will help increase your average order value! These exclusive offers encourage customers to add items to their next order, so you sell more.
  • They convert extremely well. Your existing customers already know you and trust you, so they are far more likely to accept your upsell offers. 
  • It's a great way to let subscription customers know about new products. Since they have a recurring order scheduled, they might not be visiting your store, so you need to find other ways to reach them.
  • It makes your subscribers feel like they're getting something exclusive. This helps build a positive relationship with your brand!
  • You can schedule your offers to go out before your customers' next delivery so they can make it bigger and better.
  • It lets you offer one or more products, and even use a discount to encourage subscribers to buy. 
  • It's easy for your customers: There's no need to enter their credit card or address! Bold Subscriptions already has all their info saved. They just have to click "add to my order."
  • It's easy for you! You can set up these offers with just a few clicks and send them to all your subscribers — or just a targeted segment.

Requirements for Upsell by Email 

 1. Bold Cashier:  Cashier integrates with Bold Subscriptions to provide the infrastructure needed to let customers add items to their next order. The app also gives your store other features like one-page checkout, multi-language support, secure payment capture, and stored accounts.

2. Mailgun account: Subscriptions use Mailgun to send emails on your behalf, so you must create your own account in order to activate Upsell by Email.

How does Upsell by Email work?

Create your campaign from the Shopify dashboard. The emails are customizable, so you can create offers that appeal to your target audience. You can set:
  • The campaign name
  • The campaign duration (so you can put an expiry date on the offer to motivate customers)
  • The recipient group, either all your subscribers or just subscribers to certain products (this allows you to set up strategic offers to subscribers of certain products)
  • One or more products offers
  • The products' price (so you can set exclusive offers)
  • The email's template
  • The landing page layout
  • How many days before their next order that customers will receive the offer.

More detailed instructions are in our help centre article!

Make sure you use an enticing email subject line and persuasive product copy to hook your customers.
Your upsell email will look something like this:

When the customer clicks the link, they're directed to your customizable landing page.

Once at the landing page, they can select how much they want to add to their next order with one click. Subscriptions already has their information saved, making it super-easy for them to buy more. Here's an example of the landing page:subscriptions-upsell-by-email-landing-page

You can send as many email upsell offers as you like. Use different offers so customers get unique proposals from you every time, adjusting the add-on product based on the audience and what products they're subscribed to.

Use email campaigns to upsell new products to subscribers

Let's say you offer a box-of-the-month club dedicated to coffee lovers, with your customers receiving beans each month. But in your store, you also sell branded coffee mugs and other java accessories. 

Using Bold Subscriptions, all you need to do is send your subscribers an upsell email offering  your exclusive coffee mugs at a discounted price to add to their next order.

Or, if you're announcing the launch of a new dark roast, email them an offer giving them the option to add it to their next subscription box. You could even encourage them to convert by making that offer a low cost sample-size so they can try it.

Schedule your emails to go out a few days or weeks before their next delivery so subscribers have time to add them to their next order before it gets shipped. You can choose the send time and include an expiry date that adds a sense of urgency and motivates them to add the item to their order right away

Try Upsell by Email for your subscription business

With features like cancellation management (to reduce subscriber churn) and the ability for shoppers to choose exactly which products they want every month with build-a box, Bold Subscriptions provides the power and flexibility you need to launch and scale your subscription business.

Subscriptions' professional plan also includes access to a dedicated account manager who serves as a trusted partner in growing your recurring revenue.

If you'd like to learn more, or to start offering add-on products to your customers via e-mail, you can try a 14-day free trial of the Professional plan for Bold Subscriptions today

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