Introducing Upsell by Email for Bold Subscriptions

January 18, 2019


We've got great news for your subscription business. Now, your customers can add more items to their subscription box — right from their inbox!

Our new Upsell by Email feature for Bold Subscriptions will help increase the average order value of your eCommerce store's recurring orders. Starting today, you can email your customers one-time upsell offers they can easily add to their next subscription order. 

Use upsell emails to increase your average order value

Increasing your average order value is key to getting better ROI, and your existing customers are a great place to start growing it since they're nearly twice as likely to convert. So, which group of customers should you target first? Subscribers. 

They've already committed to having your products delivered to them on a regular basis, so they're a logical audience to look at first. That's where Upsell by Email comes in, an exciting addition to Bold Subscriptions' professional plan. 

How does Upsell by Email work?

You can use Upsell by Email to strategically target your existing customers with additional offers. They can then add those items to their next recurring order in just a few clicks!

Your email will link customers to a landing page where they can accept the offer. Both the landing page and the email are customizable to match your branding.

Email campaigns can be scheduled, sending a few days or weeks before their next recurring order. You can even choose the time to send the and expire, adding a sense of urgency that can motivate your subscribers to add the item to their order right away. 

when to send


Upsell offers can also be changed as frequently as you like, sending emails with different upsells so customers get unique proposals from you each time, changing the add-on product with each subscription sent.

How to use email campaigns to upsell new products

Upsell by Email is a great way to launch new products to your current subscribers.

Let's say you offer a box-of-the-month club dedicated to runners, with your customers receiving snacks, accessories, training plans, etc. each month. In your store, you also sell one-off purchases of branded running gear, and those new high-tech running socks you're launching this month.

Using Bold Subscriptions, all you need to do is send your subscribers an upsell email announcing the launch, giving them the option to add the socks to their next subscription box with just a few clicks.

Or let's say your store offers hair products on a recurring basis, sending customers new bottles every three months. If you just introduced a new line of conditioning masks, you could send an email offering to add it to their next order for a discounted introductory rate. 

Same thing with cosmetics. People love to try products before they buy them, so offer them the option to add a trial-size version of a new product to their next order, hopefully converting them to the full-size version after they discover they love it.


Try Upsell by Email for your subscription business

With features like cancellation management (to reduce subscriber churn) and the ability for shoppers to choose exactly which products they want (every month) with build-a-box, Bold Subscriptions provides the power and flexibility you need to launch and scale your subscription business. Subscriptions Professional also includes access to a dedicated account manager, who serves as a trusted partner in growing your recurring revenue.

If you'd like to learn more, or to start offering add-on products to your customers via e-mail, click the link below to get started! 


John Bruce

Written by John Bruce

John is a full-time copywriter, part-time boxing coach, and former cable-access host.

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