Keep your store running smoothly through the holidays

December 5, 2017


We all get excited at the prospect of increased holiday traffic and sales. But with each sale, there's another box, packing slip, and shipping label to be generated.

And what happens when you're also selling from Etsy or Ebay or on Amazon? It all gets jumbled when you're scrambling to get your packages out after Black Friday and the Christmas rush.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Here are some tips to make your Holiday shipping and ordering as easy as possible.

Know your shipping deadlines

Whether you're using USPS, FedEx, or UPS - make sure you know when orders have to be in to make it to your customers in time for Christmas. 


For more info on shipping deadlines, click here.

Keep your inventory up to date

We know that bundle deals and sales work during the holidays, but how does that look on the back end?

Much of the holiday season headache comes from missed or incorrect orders. As tiered pricing, bundling, and sales promotions come into the picture, there are even more things to factor in. There's a reason why there's a correlation between stressed employees and data entry errors!

The headache gets worse if your ERP system isn't accurately reflecting your inventory, leading to the embarrassing situation of having to go back and tell a customer, "sorry, we're actually sold out."

The good news is you can reduce the errors by using an ERP system like eBridge Connections with an inventory management system like SkuVault.

Retaining Holiday customers

Congratulations! You have tons of new customers from all your holiday sales...

But now what? 

You've crossed the first hurdle in winning them over as a customer, but now it's about retaining them. It's all about the shopping experience they had - from browsing, checkout, to returns.

From a selling standpoint, consider giving them incentives like a percentage off to purchase again. Maybe toss in some extra loyalty points for buying during the holidays. (Bold Commerce's Loyalty Points app is a perfect app to help you out!)

From a shipping perspective, to keep your brand top of mind with customers, add a thank you and coupons in the box. Also, make sure you think about branding, even when shipping. Some ways to do this are to:

  1. Having your box labeled with your logo
  2. Have branded shipping labels
  3. Have your brand on the tracking page

Luckily, ShipStation has the combination of all three of these options.

Don't forget about returns!

Our last tip here is to make returns easy for your customer. You might want to consider providing return labels, and even free return shipping if you can afford it. A customer who's had a hassle-free experience with holiday shipping is more likely to return in the new year.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 3.38.13 PM.png

Click here to view an awesome guide on how to use your eCommerce return policy to increase your sales. And if you still want more info, check out Bold's Return Manager app, which just so happens to be FREE for 60 days right now.




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Keep it all in one place

Now your to do list has grown a bit, but one last tip. Have your bundling, discount, and shipping applications all in one place. Now that your customer's experience is seamless, let's streamline the back-end process too!

This is where the Bold Commerce and ShipStation partnership comes in. All Bold Commerce applications are compatible with the ShipStation platform to help with holiday selling and shipping.

Happy holidays!

Jenny Nguyen

Written by Jenny Nguyen

This post was contributed by Jenny Nguyen, Partner Marketing Manager at ShipStation, a leading provider of shipping software for eCommerce fulfillment.

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