New releases for Bold's Recurring Orders app to help you manage subscriptions


Recurring Orders is the most trusted subscription app for Shopify and is key to creating recurring revenue on your store. It’s the only app to allow recurring products and subscriptions on individual products, a mixed cart (one-time and recurring), or an entire cart!

And with RO, you've always been able to choose which day of the month your orders will fall on, but with our newest release you can now set up fixed weekly order intervals.

What does this mean? If you deliver products to your subscribers weekly, you now have control over what day of the week future orders will fall on!

Want all of your orders to fall on a Tuesday? You got it. Want to give customers a choice of Mondays OR Wednesdays? You can do that to. 

Go to the Subscriptions tab and click on Create New Subscription Group to check it out in Step 2


The subscriber's first order will still generate in Shopify immediately after their successful checkout, but their future orders will all be scheduled for that chosen day of the week.

Want to see how this looks on the front end? Check out the live demo store.
Want to learn more about this? Click here.




If you've never heard of our Product Options app, it's a fantastic way to offer unique, customizable products to your customers, and a great way to get around Shopify's 100 variant limit :)

But the unique line properties that make the app so awesome make it nearly impossible to offer these products on subscription. 

Good news! Bold's Recurring Orders app and Product Options 2.0 are now better integrated with one another, and you can now offer customizable products on a subscription with a lot more ease! 

email 2.png

Not only will your customers be able to see the line properties for them to manage themselves, but you'll also be able to view them yourself in the admin side of your Recurring Orders app.

Subscribers will be able to replace products in their existing subscriptions with an updated version, or have the option to add additional customized products to their subscription as well.

Read the full details of the release here.

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