Pre-sales support: the ultimate conversion tool for your store

bold-blog_pre-sales-supportIf you’re looking for the best way to turn your potential customers into paying customers this holiday season, look no further than pre-sales support!

It’s all about answering a customer’s questions at the most critical part of their shopping experience: the moment they click (or worse, don't click) that buy button.

Having a robust pre-sales support plan helps your sales or strategy team focus on the sales process, key relationships and business strategy, without being consumed with the product or service details.

So, what is pre-sales support?

If you’re thinking, "That’s great… but what is it?", you’re not alone: Many merchants don’t know about the great benefits of providing a quality connection to your clients before they make their purchase.

Pre-sales support helps with finding, winning, and keeping customers.

Shoppers may hesitate to purchase from you for a number of reasons, including questions about products that may not be answered on your website. Pre-sales support provides the answers customers are looking for, putting their mind at ease and increasing conversions.

Why pre-sales support is important to increase sales conversions

Pre-sales customer support is crucial now more than ever for eCommerce retailers. Brick and mortar stores shut down at around 8PM. When they close their doors, the salesperson goes home and customers can’t buy anything.


With eCommerce on the other hand, the doors are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers still expect assistance, and when they don’t get it, the likelihood of purchasing goes down.

Pre-sales support helps the sales team focus on the process and the key relationships, without having to be consumed with the product or technology details.

What are the benefits of pre-sales support?

Harvard Business Review recently found that “companies with strong pre-sales capabilities consistently achieve win rates of 40–50% in new business and 80–90% in renewal business—well above average rates.”


Although these results are amazing, it can be challenging to implement. There has to be clear roles and responsibilities established between sales operations and the pre-sales support teams.

But the benefits in doing so are tremendous:

1. Winning new customers- Pre-sales support is essential to educating consumers about the product or service offering they’re interested in. This means fielding questions or explaining features in a one-on-one conversation with a consumer, to help the person make a decision and move forward in the sales funnel.

They show the value that the customer is getting from the product or service, so it triggers that “ah ha” moment where the customer says “yes, I need this!"

2. Improving marketing ROI- Pre-sales support can provide feedback from conversations with customers to help improve content, so that the marketing materials resonate well with the ideal buyer.

In a world where sales and marketing are usually at odds with each other, pre-sales support can help bring alignment by sharing their interactions with end users.

3. Consistent client satisfaction- A really important, yet overlooked benefit of pre-sales support is the impact on the client once the sale is made.


The involvement of pre-sales support in the sales process increases the likelihood of the product or service being the right fit for the customer, and also streamlines implementation where applicable.

From a product management perspective, pre-sales support can provide feedback to the product teams to help improve the product, based on the many conversations they're regularly having with customers and prospective buyers.

Pre-sales support with Simplr

Interested in strengthening your conversions with pre-sales support, but not sure you have the resources? Simplr provides companies with top-notch customer support that’s scalable and affordable, including pre-sales support that leads to conversions!

By fielding potential customers’ questions through email, messaging and social, Simplr allows sales teams the possibility of increasing revenue by keeping their focus on high-priority sales leads.

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Guest post: Nilesh Gonsalves

Written by Guest post: Nilesh Gonsalves

Nilesh is the head of analytics and partnerships at Simplr, a customer service outsourcing solution for e-commerce companies. He’s a graduate of Harvard Business School, an e-commerce and Seinfeld enthusiast and lives in San Francisco.

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