Upgrading product bundles: two new releases for your Shopify store

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What happens when you take two complementary items on your store and sell them as a bundle?

You have a whole new product to market - one that decreases your shipping costs while INCREASING your average order value.

Luckily, offering product bundles on your Shopify store just got easier thanks to the two latest releases from Bold Bundles: "Buy X, Get Y" and "Same Product, Multiple Bundles."

Take a look at the video below to get all the details.

Buy X, Get Y (BOGO style bundles) 

One of the easiest and most powerful types of product bundling is the Buy X, Get Y offer. 

Now, you'll no longer need to use coupon codes or have to combine multiple apps to run this type of sale on your Shopify store.

First, you'll select which products you want included in the promotion and set your discount. (Scroll down to see how you can automate this step!)

When a customer selects any combination of items in the promotion and adds them to their basket, the discount will automatically be applied on the cart page. If they take one of the items out, the discount will automatically be removed as well. 

This new feature is perfect for offering bundle sales on the product page, and even better for  upselling your bundles at the checkout. 


It’s also a great way to drive sales of slower moving products, or to promote new items on your store.

E.g. Your store sells bikes, but no one is buying the perfectly curated selection of helmets that you offer, and stock has been sitting stagnant for over a year.

Now, you can set up a "buy a bike, get a helmet free" sale to boost your customers perceived value of the bundle, while at the same time clearing out that inventory and focusing on the products that are making your store more $.

Click here to read more about setting up a BOGO sale on your Shopify store.

Free 14-day trial of Bold Bundles

Same Product, Multiple Bundles

As entrepreneurs, we know the one thing that you'll always be short on is time.

It can be hard to find time to create a better user experience for your customers, time to spend optimizing your site to boost conversion rates, and time to spend trying to find a work/life balance that doesn't leave you with only 4 hours of sleep a night. 

We're hoping this release will give you a little bit of your time back... 

You can now have multiple bundle sales on your store featuring the same product.

E.g. You can bundle a KitchenAid Mixer with the Ravioli Maker attachment, while also bundling the same mixer with the Citrus Juicer attachment. 

In the past, you'd have to select which product you wanted to test, what type of bundle you wanted to include it in, and then switch that product into each bundle type until you found your highest converting match.

Now you can run multiple conversion tests at one time, creating multiple bundle types using your highest selling products. 
Same Product Multiple Bundles-1

Not only that, but research shows that bundle sales work best when bundled products are sold individually as well as in a bundle.

So you can choose your top 3 selling products and create 3 separate bundles to create unique offerings that customers can't find on any other store.  

For items included in multiple bundles, you'll see up to three additional bundles that it's a part of right on the product page.

It's all about giving your customers choice, and this new bundle type does exactly that.

If you already have Bold Bundles, click here to get instructions on how you can start using these new feature. Don't have the app? Click the link below to test it out on your store.
Free 14-day trial of Bold Bundles

Bonus release: You can now automatically generate bundle sales on your store 

I know, I know. I mentioned before that you wouldn't need additional apps to run bundle sales on your store. 

And that's still true!

But we do have a bonus release for you, a FREE APP that will create bundle sales for you, based on live data from your store.

All you have to do is have Bold Bundles up and running before installing Bold Brain. Once it's set up, it will comb through your store's data before recommending bundle sales that it’s confident will increase conversion rates.

From there, you set your discount, and with just a few clicks the bundle sale will automatically be set up for you and go live on your store.

Depending on the size of your store, Bold Brain could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to make its recommendations. No need to wait around though, the app will send you an email when your recommendations are ready.

Should you offer product bundling?

If you want to know more about product bundling and if it's right for your store, read this post on How to use Product Bundling to make money in eCommerce to find out:

  • The psychology behind eCommerce product bundling
  • Product bundling strategies and best practices
  • How to use Google Analytics to find your most popular products to bundle together

Next we'll show you... 

How to set up bundle sales on Shopify

Bold Bundles is the easiest way to create bundle and BOGO offers on Shopify without the use of discount codes.

The app lets you run three different kinds of bundle offers: Bundle by product (group bundling), bundle by collection (mix and match), and our newest release which we introduced you to above, Buy X, Get Y (BOGO style bundling).

Bundle by product (group bundling)

Using Bold Bundles, you can choose which products you want your customers to purchase together to create a combo or package of products, sold at a discounted price. 

This could be a set of complementary products (like a pair of heels that go perfectly with a new dress you just got in) or even a few items from the same brand. All you have to do is set the discount and you're done!

Bundle by collection (mix and match)

With this type of bundle, it’s all right there in the name: you can choose a few different collections of products that the customer can choose from to create their own custom bundle.

For example, your customers could purchase any hat, t-shirt, and pair of shorts for a "Buy the Look" sale and get a discount on all three (as long as they have one item of each kind in their basket).

It will automatically figure out which products qualify from that collection, and apply the discount on the cart page.

Inventory tracking

When using Draft Orders, Bold Bundles uses Shopify's inventory management system, just like any other purchase.

It's as easy as that!

As a bonus, since the app doesn't use variants, there's no way for customers to accidentally checkout with one of your products for free (the app doesn't create free variants for each of the products in your bundles). 

Draft Orders does not give your customers the option to use a discount code on your bundles though, since it automatically applies the bundled price in the checkout. If you'd like to give your customers the option to use a discount code on the cart page, you can use Variant Mode.

Variant Mode generates new variants in Shopify with the discounted price. So when a customer places an order containing these discounted variants, we reduce the inventory of the “base variant” to reflect the quantity purchased. 

We don't recommend using Variant Mode since it's cumbersome for some stores to manage, and you'll be limited by Shopify's 100 variant per product limit.

If you're looking for more information, this article has more details on Draft Orders vs. Variant Mode. 

Customize your "Add to Cart" buttons

You might have noticed in one of the images above that the "Add to Cart" buttons look a little different. 

That wasn't a mistake!

We wanted to show you some of the different style options that come standard with the app. Now, when setting up your bundle sale, you have the option to show a standard "Add to Cart" button, show the bundled price, or show the percent saved.

Customize bundle widget

People LOVE to brag about how much of a deal they got, so we recommend showing the "percent saved" so customers know exactly how much they're saving. 

Automatically matches your branding

On most themes, the colour will also automatically match the style of buttons already on your store with no coding, blending seamlessly with your branding.

And if you wanted to customize the colour to make the "Add to Cart" button stand out, you can still do that too. 

Promotes your bundle offers

The app automatically promotes your bundle offers on the product page, and lets customers know how much they'll save by buying the set. The app will even show a widget next to the "Add to cart" button for the included products that lets customers know what they’ll be saving.

Try Bold Bundles FREE

Bold Bundles is our App of the Month for June, so you can try out all the basic AND premium features of the app for double the regular trial. Just click here to get started. 

That means you can run any of the above bundle sales on your store free for 14 days. 
No catch.

And if you already have the app, you can read more about Same Product, Multiple Bundles and Creating a Bundle using Buy/Get - BOGO style bundles on our help centre. 

Let us know in the comments below what your highest converting bundle has been so far, and make sure to share this post with your entrepreneur friends so they can take advantage of the 14 day free trial themselves!

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