Riskified integration for Bold Subscriptions


We're excited to announce Bold is now integrated with Riskified for fraud protection and prevention! 🔒

What is Riskified?

Riskified is the leading fraud prevention solution for mid-market and large enterprises, offering machine learning precision to deliver instant and final “approve” or “decline” decisions for every order, to run your global business at scale.

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How does it work?

Protecting your orders with Riskified helps to approve more good orders and eliminate the cost of chargebacks. By enabling the integration between Bold and Riskified, all your orders will be reviewed for indicators of fraud and an "approve" or "decline" recommendation made instantly. All approved orders will be fully guaranteed by Riskified from fraudulent chargebacks.

If you've had chargebacks from fraudulent orders before, you'll know the importance of having your orders reviewed.




How do I turn it on?

If you install Riskified, it will work automatically with all the orders you process through Cashier. Learn more about Riskified on their site or contact us if you need help setting it up!


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