Selling internationally: The best tools to get started [webinar]

Interested in learning about selling internationally and how your business (yes, yours!) can benefit from the massive global marketplace?

Ron from Bold Commerce and Jenna from Justuno chat about the benefits of selling internationally, and the best tools to get you started. Learn how Bold’s Multi Currency app and Justuno’s Geo-targeting feature help welcome international shoppers to your store, and scale your business.

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5:05- Selling internationally and why it’s important for your business
9:08- Multi Currency & Bold’s Multi Currency app
13:45- Geo-targeting with Justuno



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To learn more about shipping internationally including payment options and order fulfillment, check out this blog post here!

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Amy Polowy

Written by Amy Polowy

Amy is a Partner Marketing Manager at Bold and is a self-proclaimed peanut butter connoisseur.

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