Problem Solved: Setting up a BOGO sale on Shopify


Bold Commerce offers an eCommerce solution that allows merchants to offer Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) sales on Shopify WITHOUT the use of coupon codes.

They're also a great way to draw customers to your site, giving you the opportunity to build lasting relationships that will keep people shopping with you for years.

Why run 'Buy One Get One' sales on your online store

BOGOs, as they’re more commonly known, give your customers a free product when they purchase a full price item on your store.

They’re perfect for driving sales on slow moving products, creating interest in new items, or introducing customers to sample versions of goods that you sell on a subscription basis.

Let’s say your store sells lamps. Along with your awesome lamps, you also have some high-quality lightbulbs for sale as well, but your customers don’t seem to be purchasing them at nearly the same rate.

In comes product bundling.

Bundles give you the flexibility to offer "Buy X Get Y" bundle deals that, for example, would give customers a free lightbulb when they purchase one of your lamps at full price.

Bold Bundles for Shopify

Bold Bundles is the easiest way to create bundle sales and BOGO offers on your online store without the use of discount codes.

The app lets you group together multiple products on your store, selling them for a discounted percentage OR a set price. You’ll be able to run promos like:

  • Buy One, Get One Half Price
  • Buy Two, Get the Third Free
  • Buy Three, Get 30% Off
  • Or just a straight Buy One, Get One Free sale

For example, you could set up a sale where if a customer adds any 2 shirts to their cart, they get a toque for free. If they take one of the items out of the cart, the app will automatically adjust the price, removing the discount.

Bold Bundles BOGO sale

The app lets you set flexible discounts; Bundles can be discounted by a percentage amount (20% off the regular price when you buy two bundled items) or by a fixed dollar amount ($20 off when you buy two bundled items), and lets you choose from multiple bundle types.

Bundle by product (Group Bundling)

Choose two complementary products, set your discount, and you're done! Think memory cards with cameras, video games and consoles, socks with a pair of shoes.

Bundle by collection (Mix and Match)

Select products that customers can choose from to create their own bundle. E.g. Customers can choose any top + bottom on your store to create their own outfit at a discounted price.

Buy X, Get Y (BOGO style bundling)

Give customers a free item when they purchase a full price product. Great for boosting average order value with "Buy Two Get One Free" sales.

Bold Bundles also offers flawless inventory tracking, let's you have the same product in multiple bundles, promotes your bundles on the product page, and is fully customizable to match your branding. 

There's so much more that the app does, but I'll let you check out ALL the features on the app store listing

Before we get into setting up a bundle sale on your store, there's one thing you should go over...

Are BOGO's right for your store?

If you want to know more about product bundling and if it's right for your store, read this post on How to use Product Bundling to make money in eCommerce, and remember to keep in mind:  

  • What products should be included in the offer?
  • When/how long will the campaign will go on for?
  • How you'll measure long term success. (E.g. Returning customers, larger average order value, etc.)

Offering products for free can be a big risk for a business, so it’s important to know that you’re seeing measurable success from a campaign like this.

If you're not sure which items you should bundle together, you can now use Bold Brain to automatically set up bundle sales on your store. It will comb through your data before recommending bundles that it’s confident will increase conversion rates. You can read more about automating Bold Bundles here.

How to set up a BOGO offer

After deciding which items you want to include in your promotion, it’s time to create your bundle offer.

Heads up!

After you've installed the app, you'll need to double check that your store has our liquid code installedIf not, hover over the "Need Help?" tab in the app and select "Liquid Installation."

liquid installation-1

You can complete the installation yourself (if you’re familiar with liquid coding), have our automatic installer do the work for you, or request an install from our specialized team of experts (real live humans!). T
he best part? Each of these options is free!

Now, back to bundling.

Step 1:

To set up your BOGO sale, log into Bold Bundles and select the “Create New Product Bundles” option from the app’s home screen before selecting "Buy/Get" as your Bundle Type.

Select Bundle Type

Step 2:

Next, select the products you want to trigger your BOGO offer. 

purchase products

Then, the products you want to discount.

discounted products

Step 3:

Make sure to name your widget and include text for the icon that will show on the product page, letting customers know that the products are on sale. In this case, we recommend using the "BOGO" tag.

Lastly, give your offer an internal name and save it!

Name Your Offer

By default, your offer will be live on your store after you hit save. If you don’t want this your sale to run right away, you can turn it off by setting the “Active” switch to off.

Testing your bundle offers

We always recommend testing your offers before making them live on your store. This will ensure that your promotions run smoothly when they are live, and they look the way you want them to on your product page.

You’ll build an even better rapport with your customers when you have an issue-free launch!

Step 1:

If you turned your BOGO off in the previous step, flip the switch back to “on” and navigate to the full priced product on your storefront.

Enable BOGO

Step 2:

From there, select the “Add Bundle To Cart” button. Did the products get added to your cart?

Try checking-out with these products in your cart. How does this look in your checkout? If you’re experiencing any problems, go back through the steps in this guide and make sure nothing was missed.

If it still doesn't look right, our top-notch Merchant Success team is more than happy to assist you from here!

Problem Solved! 

If you want to read more about Product Bundling, you can check out this post which highlights the latest releases for Bold Bundles.

A new version of Bundles is now available! If you already have the app, you can send us an email at to request an upgrade. 

Do you have a favourite bundles sale that you run? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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