Your Shopify subscription app expert!

It seems like these days everyone is rushing to the recurring “subscription model” for eCommerce like it’s some type of new gold mine that was just found! Well, there’s good reason for this. If you can create a stable recurring subscription business you’re WAY ahead of the game! Repeat business is one thing, but a customer saying, “I want my cat food from you for the rest of my life every month” is a whole new level of repeat business.

So we’re here to help! Actually, Victoria is here to help :-).  She comes from many years of experience and now spends her days dedicated to the success of stores just like yours!

We’re very proud to have one of the most popular and feature rich subscription apps for Shopify, and Victoria is our resident expert on it. But Victoria isn’t just our expert; when you install the app, she’s YOUR expert too! 

If you’re building a business around a subscription service, it’s vital that you set it up properly and get the best advice possible. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service on not just any subscription app, but any Shopify app… period! Because in the end, our goals are your goals. If you’re not successful with the app, neither are we. So consider Victoria your Success Partner! :-)

If you don’t already have the our Shopify subscriptions app “Recurring Orders” you can learn more, or grab it here. It comes with a whopping free 90 day trial. So feel free to take it for a 3 month test run!