Switching to Shopify: 13 store owners share their experiences

Are you thinking about switching your website to Shopify?

I can see why. Shopify has quickly become the go-to standard for eCommerce website design. Just ask their 400,000 clients.

Actually, you don’t have to ask them. Because we already did!

We interviewed over 100 Shopify store owners who migrated from platforms like Etsy, eBay, Magento, Wix, and more!

They share why they moved to Shopify, how the switch went, and how they feel in their new digital home. I hope hearing their opinions helps you make your decision. 😊

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Let’s get right to it!

Switching to Shopify: Interviews with real shop owners

I’ll categorize the interviews based on which platform they switched from, as well as give you a link to how to actually switch from that platform to Shopify. Just scroll down to the platform you’re switching from to find out how.

Your platform isn’t on here? Leave a comment to let us know and we’ll add it!


Switching to Shopify from Magento


David Stober from Guided:

“We switched from Magento programming to Shopify Plus in 2014. We made the decision simply to take more control over our eCommerce and consequently our future.

We are tech savvy folks who know what we want - we cover about 60% of what we need to get done and now use other 'experts' for the remaining 40%. With Magento we it was 20% us and 80% outsource.  We couldn't be happier. Bold played a part in that.”

Lewis Phillips from The Pommier:

“Initially, we paid a web developer a good sum of money to build a website as we didn't know how to. The initial website was built in Magento, was very technical and become very buggy.

Fed up with an on-going amount of issues, a quick Google search of how to build a website showed us Shopify. We gave their 14 day free trial ago and two years later we are still here.”

Migrating from Magento? Check out this guide.


Switching to Shopify from eBay


Carl Sims from CS Express:

“We moved to Shopify from eBay. We wanted more flexibility and the costs on eBay were getting out of control. Shopify actually made the move fairly painless.

Although the exposure we had on eBay was a loss we believe in the long run this is a much better option for us. We do still market certain products through eBay due to their reach but the majority of our business is now done through our own site.”

Rob Cool from Vape Pen Sales:

“Started on eBay but when you sell on eBay, eBay effectively controls your business and can make arbitrary decisions that impact your bottom line.

We quickly saw the need to control our own business and market so we started marketing our ebay customers with our site and transitioned them to our site. We now use eBay more as advertising than as a revenue source. We get the customer there then convert them to our website.”

Linda Keene from Your Great Finds:

“I started 19 years ago on eBay. I sold over 2 million dollars on eBay. Then things started to decline. They had been penalized by google and sales fell.

I started an Etsy store, but they have a different outlook on business and I am not on board with egalitarianism. I sold on One Kings Lane for 3 years. I left there in Jan. They were bought by Bed, Bath and Beyond and the changes to the site are not good.

I started my Shopify store 3 1/2 years ago and had no idea what I was doing. I sold on other platforms while I learned. There are too many things to share here, but I learned a lot. Social media, code, apps, everything. I am now independent of all platforms and my Shopify stores support my family.”

Migrating from eBay? Here’s Shopify’s product importer tool and here’s a guide to help you transition into running your own store.


Switching to Shopify from Godaddy Quick Shopping Cart


Ann Weir from Dogs For The Earth:

“We were with Godaddy for several years and thought it was great! Since our products are used on a regular basis, knew we needed an auto-replenish program which Godaddy didn't offer. After some research we soon realized BOLD Apps and Shopify would be our best move.

It was not an easy move. We needed all new, higher resolution product photos, had to migrate customers from our in-store platform & Godaddy and had some glitches along the way. But BOLD and Shopify were with us every step of the way!

Currently we are integrating with Google Shopping and AdWords with their help. We have more than tripled revenue since the move in October. Looking towards the future and all the available apps and assistance both Shopify & Bold offer we are already thinking about moving our facility to a larger building.

None of us are tech savvy and it's reassuring to know when you hook up with Bold & Shopify, they have your back!  When we have a question, we don't hesitate - An email, online chat, a phone call - qualified professionals are always on hand and the follow up is reassuring. The only question we have is why did we wait so long to make the switch?”

Migrating from Godaddy? This process is a bit more complicated than other services...

If you have a lot of products (a few hundred or more) you can pay to use a service like Cart 2 Cart, which will help automate it for you. Otherwise, you’ll have to move it manually.

Also, take steps to avoid harming your site’s search rankings.

Switching to Shopify from Wix


Matt Tabatabai from Cosmo Mall VIP:

“We moved our store from Wix to Shopify because of the great building blocks that exist on the platform. We have saved tons of money and time using the software plug-ins.”

Chris Cozzens from New Vision Nutrition:

"I am fortunate enough to have started this company with my brother who is an entrepreneurial genius. I myself come from a tech background and studied computer science in school. Unfortunately they did not teach ANY front end web design at all.

Coming out of school we had the brilliant idea to start our own company and we got to work right away. At this time I had a full time job and worked on this on nights and weekends ( and even at my other job shhhhhh! )

We started off basic with an easy to create Wix website as I had no experience in web design this was the easiest path for us to get a site up and get selling!

We migrated from Wix about 1 year later. We migrated to Shopify and redesigned our entire brand and image from scratch. At this time our sales had been growing steadily and we were able to hire around 10 employees. I had been studying web design ( HTML, JS, CSS ) on my off hours.  

We decided on Shopify for a number of reasons. It was a great step in the right direction as it had many more add ons and user friendly apps (such as recurring orders by Bold apps) that Wix did and it gave us more control over the look and flow of the site.

One of our main goals was to switch to a subscription model and not to play to the home crowd here, but Recurring Orders was a HUGE reason we made the leap.  

In addition to being able to set up a seamless subscription setup, we have full control over our theme and website. Shopify also brought along a tremendous amount of other functionality that Wix did not offer. We have much more control over all actions taken with our customers. WE are able to accurately track all communication with customers ( email, chat, phone) right from one of our other Shopify apps.

The benefits to Shopify are seriously endless. It’s a perfect fit for those who have little to no coding experience as well as those who are web design pros."

Migrating from Wix? Follow Shopify’s upgrade guide.

Switching to Shopify from Moonfruit


Samantha Liveoak from Samantha Dulay:

“I came from Moonfruit. It was definitely a starter platform and I actually had a friend convince me to move to Shopify. He showed me the back-end of his website and how easy everything was to manage and I was hooked in a few weeks. The move was easy - and I LOVE all of the apps that are accessible to me.”

Migrating from Moonfruit? Follow Shopify’s upgrade guide.

Switching to Shopify from Zen Cart


Michelle C. Smith from Mama Suds:

“I switched from Zencart to Shopify and HOLY SMOKES. It was like upgrading from a Geo Metro to a BMW. My sales almost tripled the year I switched!”

Migrating from Zen Cart? You can pay to have Cart 2 Cart automate it for you. Or, just follow Shopify’s upgrade guide.

Switching to Shopify from BigCommerce


Ryan O'Connor from One Tribe Apparel:

“We moved from BigCommerce to Shopify and (for fashion in particular) these are just worlds apart in terms of how great the themes you can buy are. Not only that, but I love the Shopify app marketplace which BigCommerce mostly lacks. I've advised several people to choose Shopify over BigCommerce at this point.”

Migrating from BigCommerce? Follow this guide.

Switching to Shopify from Etsy


Kitty South from Dirty South Vintage:

“I admit, I did start on Etsy as many did. However, I found that once I started to grow larger in popularity, Etsy put a stall to my growth. That made the choice to move forward from that platform to Shopify easy.

I believe independence is key; it's OK to start on one of those platforms but it's for sure not your ending point and should not be.”

Migrating from Etsy? Again, Cart 2 Cart is a paid solution. Alternatively, follow Shopify’s upgrade guide.

Switching to Shopify from WordPress and Woocommerce


Hedge Sefcovic from A Natural Alternative:

“I was using Wordpress and a shopping cart plugin. Shopify has saved me time in dealing with my site, money in shipping, and the ability to look great with less energy.

I am a handcrafter that only travels to regional arts shows but have sold in 38 states last year. Shopify makes ordering easy and adds a level of legitimacy that my old platform didn't. People can use their credit card, paypal, or Amazon payments; it's fantastic!”

Migrating from WordPress or Woocommerce? Use the WordPress importer tool.

Finally, we have Cratejoy vs Shopify. While we don't have a story for this one, plenty of people are making the switch!

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If you have any trouble migrating, you can hire our managed services to migrate your store for you!

Are we missing your platform? Drop a comment below and we’ll add it!

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