The Ultimate Black Friday Sales Round-up

November 16, 2017

black friday sales round-up

Black Friday is less than a week away, and if you haven't set up a sale yet, time is running out.

To help you out, we collected a list of some easy sale ideas that you can use to run an amazing Black Friday promotion. Most of these can be set up in just a few minutes on your Shopify store, and all of them are easily automated (so you can spend more time advertising and managing your business).

  • Store-wide flash sales: The classic "20% off everything" sale! Put the whole store on sale, with no coupon codes needed. It can be the whole store, or a group of products like a collection or brand, a set of products you hand select, or even just one for a short period of time, usually less than a few hours.

  • Spend $X.XX, get a free gift:  Automatically add a free item to the cart when customers spend over a certain dollar amount. With the Sales Motivator app this is simple, and it even tells them how much more they have to spend to get the gift every time they add something to their cart! 
  • Promoting a free shipping or gift wrapping offer: Offer customers free shipping or gift wrapping once they reach a certain spending amount and show them a banner that lets them know exactly how much more they need to spend each time they add something to the cart.
  • For example, each time they add something to the cart, they see "You're only $21.78 away from free shipping!"

  • Daily deals: Rotate "deals of the day" using a Shopify collection and have sales automatically start and stop based on the day.

  • Buy one, get one (BOGO) offers: Offer a customer a discounted or free product when they buy another at full price. 
  • Stacked Offers: Give your customers reason to spend more, and then more again! With the Sales Motivtor app you can create as many goals as you want. So you can offer "Free Shipping" at $50, then "A Free Hat" if they spend $75, then "A Free Hoodie" if they spend $150, and on and on! 

How do I run these sales on my store?

To help you run these great offers, we're giving our Product Discount app away free over the holidays. You can try the app out and keep it for all your future sales. Run timed sales, show sales timers to encourage customers to buy, and even display icons on product pages to let customers know twhich products are on sale.

Install Product Discount for Shopify

Here's how real store owners plan on using Product Discount this Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Aubrey Kotelko

Written by Aubrey Kotelko

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