Better late than never: 10 last-minute Black Friday sale ideas

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Black Friday is coming fast! You've heard about, thought about it — but you haven't set up any sales yet.

You know it's the biggest revenue opportunity of the year, but maybe you got caught up with your other job, or life in general.

Well, procrastination can actually help you think more creatively. Turns out Kurt Cobain wrote a lot of Nirvana's songs last minute!

So to get your juices flowing, we collected a list of simple sale ideas you can easily run on your Shopify store. Most of them can be set up in just a few minutes, and all of them are easy to automate so you can spend more time managing your business and less time adjusting prices.

Ready to rock a last-minute breakthrough Black Friday hit? Read on!

10. Run a store-wide flash sale

black friday flash sale

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This one's a classic.

Putting your whole store on sale for a limited amount of time is a quick and easy way to get people to add more to their carts. You could also put different sets of products on sale, like a collection, brand, or hand-picked items.

You can do all this without coupon codes if you install Bold Discounts. 

Use these 3 insider tips on running profitable flash sales to make sure you make bank with your Black Friday sales. 

9. Offer a free gift with purchase 


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Motivate customers to buy more by giving them a reward when they reach a spending goal.

It's easy to set up with Bold Motivator! This useful app displays a banner that tells customers how close they are to a reward every time they add something to their cart. Need a hand setting it up? Learn how to run a "free gift with purchase" promotion.

8. Use daily deals

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Set up "deals of the day" and schedule them to run on your store automatically throughout the weekend.

Run one deal or several at a time like in the example above. Use a countdown timer on every product page to compel them to buy right away. Preschedule your sales with the Bold Discounts app. 

Need some pointers? Master the art of the daily deal with these industry secrets!

7. Use buy one, get one free (BOGO) offers

buy one

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Offer customers a free product when they buy another at full price.

This is another great way to increase your average order size, help customers find everything they need, sell slower moving products, or push products customers might not know about.

Try to pick products that you think customers would be interested in more than one of. Two vacuums for the price of one? Try again. Chocolates, makeup, hats, anything consumable — or that someone can't have enough of — makes for a perfect BOGO special. 

Need help running a BOGO sale on your eCommerce store? Try the Bold Bundles app

Also, check out 4 rookie mistakes to avoid this Black Friday for some useful tips on running BOGO offers.

6. Buy one, get 50% off

bogo 50

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Let's keep talking about BOGOs! Sure, the classic buy one, get one free sale works well for many eCommerce stores.

But what if your product's price point is such that it doesn't make sense to give any away for free? Don't worry, we've got your covered!

The latest version of the Bold Bundles app for Shopify lets you run buy one, get one 50% off — or any percentage — off sales. This feature gives merchants the ability to offer their customers a great deal while still ensuring they make a solid return on their promotion. it's a win-win! 

5. Try product bundling

black friday product bundling

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Product bundling is simply the act of offering two or more items at a reduced price if you buy them all together.

This works really well for items that can be used as a set. Whether it's a gaming console, controller, and game sold together, or three pieces of pottery that compliment each other, if customers see the value in buying a bundle they will be more likely to spend more to get a better overall value. 

There are many ways you can bundle products using the Bold Bundles app, but it's important to be strategic with your bundles. Use these product bundling secrets to create high-converting offers.

4. Offer free shipping 

free shipping

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One of the main obstacles that eCommerce merchants face is customers abandoning their cart.

What do you think the main reason for this is? There are many factors that lead to cart abandonment, but one of the main ones is undesirable shipping costs.

You know that feeling when you think you're getting a great deal, then suddenly the price at check out spikes because of shipping fees?

Remove this roadblock by running a "spend $X and get free shipping" promo with the Bold Motivator app. Not only does it eliminate the obstacle of shipping costs, but it motivates customers to increase their average order size so they can unlock the free shipping offer. It really works! 

Learn how to use free shipping to boost your Shopify sales this Black Friday.

3. Email a promo code

promo code

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in 2018, Email was the highest converting channel for Black Friday, beating out "direct," "search," and "social" traffic.

There's a reason for this. A customer who subscribed to your email list is closer to making a purchase than one who stumbles across your site, or clicks on your social media ad. In fact, if they joined your mailing list they are probably waiting to hear about your next deal! 

Emailing a Black Friday promo code is an excellent way to make loyal customers feel special, cart abandoners think again about that item they wanted, and new customers check out your sale. 

Pro tip: People get tons of emails at Black Friday time, so make sure write a catchy subject line and strategic send times that will cut through the noise. 

This is also a good time to build a VIP email list!

2. Run a social media contest

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More and more, eCommerce stores are using social media to promote their products and advertise their sales.

Facebook has made it easy for Shopify merchants to sync their stores with their Facebook page and run targeted campaigns.

Learn how to add your Facebook pixel to a Shopify store so you can retarget shoppers who visited your store. Companies are also using Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and more to run sales, contests, and promotions. 

1. Create a mystery sale


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What is a mystery sale?

It could be just about any kind of offer. The point is that you include some element of mystery that gamifies your sale.

Some examples could include "win a mystery gift with any purchase," or "buy a $20 mystery bundle." It could also be a "spin or scratch and save" promotion, where customers get a chance to unlock a discount they get off a purchase.

This might not be an appropriate sale for every store, but if it works for you and your customers it can be a lot of fun. 

Use the powerful Bold Discounts app to set up a deal you can promote as a mystery sale! 

Did you know you can run 6 of these sales with just 2 apps? 

That's right, you just need Discounts or Bundles to run mot of these sales!

The apps also integrate with other Bold Commerce apps like Bold Custom Pricing, Bold Discounts, and Bold Cashier to unlock enhanced functionality, like exclusive pricing and more.

Have any last minute sales ideas of your own? What's worked for you in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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