User-generated content strategies: How to build trust and make sales

July 24, 2017


Wouldn't it be awesome if your Instagram ran itself? Or if you never had to worry about where your next Facebook post was coming from, and your engagement was sky high for every post?

It is possible, and we'll show you how!

This week's School of Commerce livestream was dedicated to discussing user-generated content for your social media channels and using that content to increase trust & engagement amongst your followers, and ultimately turning that into higher sales for your online store. 

We'll cover what user-generated content is, why it matters, who's doing it well, and 3 practical tips that you can start using right now to increase engagement.

Jump to...
2:30 : What is user-generated content
6:44 : Brands killing it on social media
10:00: 3 tips to start using today to generate UGC

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Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

Written by Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

Melanie is a content creator at Bold, and is a reality tv aficionado.

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