We've got swatches! Plus other new releases for your Product Options app

The number one requested feature for our Product Options Shopify app has been the ability to show your customers what their selections look like when creating a custom product.

That's why we just upgraded the app in a major way: you now have the ability to show your customers customized swatches, giving them complete confidence in their purchase.

How swatches can increase conversions

According to
Baymard Institute, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

That's a lot of missed sales! And one of the main reasons customers abandon their purchases is a lack of information

Our new premium feature for your  Shopify Product Options app for Shopify can help you decrease your abandoned cart rates and increase your conversions by giving your customers complete confidence in what their final product will look like.

With s
watches, you can now create an option type that will display exact colours for customers to pick from OR you can upload your own images to use instead. Weโ€™ve also given you complete control over the size and shape of those swatches with some new settings!

Show your customers exactly what they're getting

Let's say you sell custom shirts, and one of your customers is looking to buy a personalized golf shirt for an upcoming trip. With the Product Options Shopify app, you can now offer a drop down of all the sizes available, then give the option to have text added. If selected, a drop down will appear for your customer to type in the name they want stitched on. 

adding swatches to your options app on shopify                                                                   Which would you feel more comfortable buying? 

Using swatches, you can then show an image of all the fonts available for the text. Previously, there would have just been a drop down available, and the customer wouldn't know exactly what the font would look like, it would just give the font name itself. With swatches, they'll know exactly what it will look like!

Or let's say that same customer changed their mind and wanted 
to buy a shirt that matched their friends, and found the perfect short-sleeve style on your store. In the past, if that shirt came in different colours, you could only list your colour options (blue, red, black, etc), but using swatches you can show an exact fabric swatch of each colour the shirt comes in so your customers know exactly what shade of red they're getting.

Remove all purchase barriers 

We'll use a furniture store for the example here. Let's say your customer lands on your store and picks out a couch that perfectly fits in their living room, but they want to make sure the colour matches the rest of their existing furniture. 

Instead of showing a drop down list of each colour the couch comes in, you can display an image of the same couch in each colour so they'll know exactly what the end result will look like. 

adding swatches to your options app on shopify adding swatches to your options app on shopify adding swatches to your options app on shopify adding swatches to your options app on shopify

No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars without seeing what their product actually looks like first!

Increase your average order value

Let's say your store sells fabric, and each product listed in your store is a different print you've custom designed. 

When a customer makes their print selection, they'll have the option to choose what fabric their design is printed on. And you can use swatches to show your customers exactly what that print looks like on each selection!

This option makes it easier to upgrade your customer to the premium option: it's way harder to upsell your design printed on silk for $15 more per yard without actually showing what it will look like.



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*NEW* way to create options

Why have one major new release when you can have two! 

We've streamlined the process to create new options on your Shopify store, and not only does it look nicer, it's WAY easier to use. See it in action ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ or click here to view the instructions.

How do I get these new features?

Your Product Options app will receive a major new face lift tomorrow, with a new look to the home screen and all the new features we've talked about here, PLUS: 

  • Lightning quick load times on your store
  • More form validation with new input types (email, phone, colour, etc.)
  • The option to auto-select a value: have pre-set options selected when your customer lands on the product page
  • Charge a one-time fee: If you offer a one-time fee, like a set-up fee for screen printing, you can choose to charge your customers once, or apply it to every item ordered 
  • Quantity modes: an option can be applied once per product, or once per order

It's important to note that swatches and conditional logic are premium features, and you have to upgrade your account to use them. 

How do you do that? From inside the app, click on the account information tab, select account settings, and choose the premium version from there.

Don't have the app?

Click here to download the Product Options Shopify app and to view all the other amazing features you'll get. During your 30 day trial, you can try the standard OR premium version for free!

Bottom Line

Swatches will give your customers the confidence they need to complete their purchase, making you more $.

By the time your customer lands on your product page, you've already gotten their interest. Now factor in the time they've spent customizing their product, and their commitment to completing their purchases is already that much higher!

Add in the ability to see the actual selections their choosing, and you might just seal the deal. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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John Bruce

Written by John Bruce

John is a full-time copywriter, part-time boxing coach, and former cable-access host.

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