What does the future look like for omnichannel shopping? Point-of-interest commerce


With the onset of the pandemic, retailers were called to adapt overnight to the surge from in-person to online shopping, and accelerated ecommerce growth. But now, as we slowly return to a new normal, another shift is emerging. And while customers are headed back to physical stores, the rise of the digital era will continue—transforming how we shop in all channels, and making the case crystal clear for a remarkable omnichannel approach and customer experience. 

What will that transformation look like for brands in the omnichannel future arriving faster than anticipated? It's going to call for a reimagining of how to engage with customers everywhere the opportunity lies. 

Look at the ways in which consumers find you. How do they engage with you? Do they engage through content? Through video? Through social? Why not make that a shopping experience?

The future of omnichannel will support you in creating meaningful connection, to build stories that allow the customer to engage on a deeper level with your brand. It's point-of-interest commerce. That's the future. 


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Yvan Boisjoli

Written by Yvan Boisjoli

Yvan Boisjoli is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bold Commerce.

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