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Case Study: Natural State Wholesale

  Deep in the heart of the American south, Cabot, Arkansas is a small city 30 minutes northeast of Little Rock. With a population of a little more than 25,000 people, Cabot wouldn’t typically be thought of as a bustling commerce hub. Try telling that to the eight employees working at Natural State Wholesale in Cabot, […]

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5 Ways to Secure Your Shopify Store

Cloud services like Shopify provide a great way to set up a store without the burden of maintaining and updating software. However, store owners need to ensure they maintain a high level of security for their store. At Rewind, we encounter lots of people who are surprised to learn that when they delete items in […]

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Case Study: Glam Seamless

  It was midway through 2011 when Alexandra Cristin graduated college. Although she had studied Marketing and Business Administration, she very quickly realized she didn’t want a traditional job.  She saw people all around her in New York City going to work every day at corporate offices, and she knew in her gut that kind […]

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Introducing Bold Partner Program Ranks

Since the launch of our Partner Program just over a year ago, we’ve seen some tremendous success. We have grown to a total of over 750 Partners in that short time, and we expect to be over 1,000 before long.

To go along with this growth, we’ve also launched some new benefits of the Partner Program this past year. We’ve launched an exclusive chat service available only to our Partners on their Dashboard. We’re 3 issues into our Partner Newsletter where we give exclusive previews and tips on our apps and services. We host monthly webinars to teach our Partners about our apps.

Today we’re going to launch something new.

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Case Study: Mandy Bo

  When you ask Mandy Bo what kind of music she does, she’ll tell you it’s a style she coined herself as “B’ass Country,” short for Badass Country.  It’s a ton of bass, a little bit of Electronic Dance Music, and a whole lot of outlaw country, blended into one.  For the past eight years, […]

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