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Case Study: Spikeball

It was the middle of the 1980s when Chris Ruder’s parents purchased a unique game from a toy store. It was a combination of two-on-two beach volleyball and four-square, and it became super popular among the Ruders’ family and friends.  But like so many cool inventions, the toy didn’t get much marketing attention and after […]

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Case Study: Natural State Wholesale

  Deep in the heart of the American south, Cabot, Arkansas is a small city 30 minutes northeast of Little Rock. With a population of a little more than 25,000 people, Cabot wouldn’t typically be thought of as a bustling commerce hub. Try telling that to the eight employees working at Natural State Wholesale in Cabot, […]

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5 Ways to Secure Your Shopify Store

Cloud services like Shopify provide a great way to set up a store without the burden of maintaining and updating software. However, store owners need to ensure they maintain a high level of security for their store. At Rewind, we encounter lots of people who are surprised to learn that when they delete items in […]

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Case Study: Glam Seamless

  It was midway through 2011 when Alexandra Cristin graduated college. Although she had studied Marketing and Business Administration, she very quickly realized she didn’t want a traditional job.  She saw people all around her in New York City going to work every day at corporate offices, and she knew in her gut that kind […]

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