On-page SEO for eCommerce: How to optimize your online store

By Bill Widmer on October 18, 2018

Did you know...

Up to 28% of consumers begin product discovery with a search engine.

And 95% of consumers click on organic listings when they search on desktop.

Fact is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the highest ROI of any eCommerce marketing campaign. Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic: free and recurring!

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The ultimate guide to high-converting product descriptions (plus 10 examples)

By Bill Widmer on October 15, 2018

A great product description can literally double your sales.

Just look at advertising guru Joseph Sugarman. All he had to sell his product was words in a magazine or newspaper...

And he used those words to accomplish amazing sales numbers, like 100,000 pairs of sunglasses in just six months.

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How to drive sales on Instagram: A step-by-step Black Friday plan

By John Bruce on October 10, 2018

When Black Friday rolls around, will your audience know about all the wicked deals you're putting on? Will they want to buy the products you're offering?

Make sure you're showing them the cool stuff you're selling, then seal the deal with an awesome sale when the time is right.

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Influencer marketing: How to find the perfect Influencers to grow your audience + boost sales

By Vanessa Armstrong on October 9, 2018

Building a network of influencers to help promote your products and promotions is an extremely effective way to tap into a wider audience than you could ever reach alone.

At no time is this made clearer than during the holiday shopping season, when online influencers are an increasingly integral piece of the marketing puzzle.

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How to use Facebook Messenger for Shopify order tracking

By Melanie Fatouros-Richardson on October 8, 2018

Personally, I hate when I can’t find the information I’m looking for on a store's website.

Whether it’s their return policy or where to log into my account, if it's too hard to find I usually end up getting frustrated and leaving the site all together.

And that’s especially true once I’ve placed an order.

Topics: Black Friday
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5 tips for building your mailing list before Black Friday

By Alanna Mahr on October 5, 2018

The countdown to Black Friday is on (November 23rd!), and as a Shopify merchant that probably means you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Amid the chaos of ramping up production, training new staff, and prepping campaigns - not to mention the daily hustle of running your store - it’s easy to miss some of the small but impactful things you can do to boost sales during one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

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How to nail your email marketing design (including examples)

By Marvin de Leon on October 4, 2018

Marketing emails are one of the best ways to keep your customers updated with your newest sales and promotions. Especially during peak sales periods like Black Friday. 

Topics: Black Friday
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How to find, choose & use a 3PL warehouse in 2018

By Bill Widmer on October 3, 2018

How much time do you spend fulfilling your eCommerce orders?

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5 effective Black Friday deals you should offer this year

By Caitlin McVicker on October 2, 2018

With Black Friday creeping up slowly (mark your calendars, it’s November 23 this year), you’ll want to start planning soon and really get ahead of the game.

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Sell in multiple currencies on Shopify

By Aubrey Kotelko on October 1, 2018

One of the most obvious benefits of an eCommerce store is that location doesn't really matter; a customer from Australia can buy products from a business in the United Kingdom and have no idea their order is coming from thousands of miles away.

But one of the last remaining barriers to a truly global marketplace is differing currencies, which can make it difficult for consumers to understand the true cost of their purchases (sometimes scaring them away).

Luckily, Bold's Multi-Currency app has the solution to this currency conundrum.

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