3 spring cleaning hacks for your marketing campaigns


Spring has finally sprung (well, almost) and you know what that means — baseball, fresh air, and most importantly — spring cleaning time! The seasonal purge can apply to more than just your home — use this time to clean up your brand’s marketing campaigns to make sure revenue is increasing just as much as the temperature outside.

Clean up hack #1: Campaign objectives

Winter may have been the perfect time for you to increase your brand engagement and awareness, especially with the holiday-spending hangover affecting most conversion-based campaigns. But with summer slipping in, now’s the time to get your latest product lines and services out there.

Consider a spring sale to entice your customers and be the first to market over your competition. Promote your latest products in your email marketing campaigns and/or use carousel ads on social media to promote multiple items at one time.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.05.07 PM

Optimizing your objectives toward driving your target audience to the point of purchase is sure to get you on the right track to meet your Q2 goals.

Clean up hack #2: KPIs

Typically by March, your company has solidified your marketing budget for the year. Projections are in place and it’s time to put those marketing dollars to WORK! Right?

Maybe not… consider optimizing your campaigns for the best cost/conversion over your overall gross revenue. Test a small budget at first, ensuring you're driving the low cost/conversion.

Once you’ve reached an optimal result, increase your spend to make the most out of your budget. The more you can save now, the more you’ll have left in your budget for bigger sales seasons and new campaign testing later on.

Clean up hack #3: Creative testing

Still promoting Q1 products/services? What are you waiting for? March is the perfect time to test out new creative for your Q2 objectives!

With spring and summer on your buyer’s brain, get your products onto their shopping lists before your competition does.

If you have video assets, put them to work! A recent study by Hubspot found that video ads resulted in a 20% increase in engagement over image-based ads. Plus, video has been shown to be the preferred content customers want to see from a business.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.54.04 AM

No video? No problem. Tools like BannerSnack help you create animated social posts and display ads all within an easy to use platform.

Lastly, consider testing lifestyle creative vs. product focused imagery to figure out how to best get into your products into your customers’ shopping cart.

To wrap it up...

Whether your brand is in need of saving money, refreshing your ad concepts, or revitalizing your campaign objectives, these hacks are sure to get you started. Now if only cleaning out the garage could be this easy…



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Guest post: Danielle Butera

Written by Guest post: Danielle Butera

Danielle is the Chief Marketing Strategist at Blueswitch. Her team of marketing strategists use their experience to drive traffic, create a larger customer base, and increase conversions for a variety of clients. BlueSwitch takes new or existing business to the next level by building a website that engages customers and drives sales.

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