5 ecommerce success stories to get you inspired for black friday

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Peak season is just around the corner. From the superbowl of ecommerce — Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) — through the holiday gift-giving season and new year, this next stretch can make or break your brand’s bottomline. What are you doing to get ready for your busiest time of year?

If you don’t believe the hype, check out Shopify’s numbers from BFCM 2020. Their merchants across 175 countries sold 2.9+ Billion last year, compared to 1.9+ Billion in 2019. 

For those who haven’t started preparing, don’t worry, there’s still time to get a rock-solid plan in place. To help, we’re sharing some of our favorite ecommerce big wins and success stories to get you inspired. Our first brand increased their revenue by 528% in just a year — that’s an 85X ROI — by installing one app and setting up some simple cross-sell offers. 

Want to be the next Shopify success story? Get inspired by these leading brands:

Brand: Beddy’s

Result: increased revenue by 528% with simple cross-sell offers

Beddy’s founder Betsy Mikesell came up with a product to solve a problem at home: messy beds. She stitched together her own solution for an easy-to-achieve, made-bed look and a business was born. Since launching in 2014, Beddy’s has grown to a 20-person team that sells bedding materials in 15 countries.

While searching for ways to get customers to cozy up to their product, the Beddy’s team discovered Bold Upsell and Bold Discounts for Shopify. Using these apps they set up targeted offers and cross-sells to encourage customers to buy more in exchange for discounts. 

With upsell offers, they were able to increase their revenue by 528% in just a year — a 85x ROI on the price of the app. If you aren’t offering upsells and cross-sells this peak season, you could be leaving easy money on the table.

Learn about how Bold Upsell can help you increase your average order value (AOV) with just a few clicks.

Brand: Staples Canada

Result: Record high revenue and traffic for a single-day on Black Friday 

Most Canadians know Staples as their one-stop shop for school and office supplies. Having undergone a digital transformation with a renewed focus on the needs of today’s “anywhere” consumer, this household brand has shifted into a Canadian ecommerce success story.

Learn how Staples Canada became a leader in “best-in-breed” modular commerce. 

With a platform overhaul complete, Staples Canada entered Black Friday 2019 with high expectations for performance and sales. Not only did its system achieve 100% reliability and zero downtime during the busiest traffic period it had ever experienced, but it recorded record-breaking revenue for a single day. 

Though the success was a team effort composed of many tech partners and integrations, Bold’s enterprise Checkout and Price Rules solutions helped ensure all pricing, discounting, and checkout functionality was air-tight throughout their busiest weekend in history. 

What’s your pricing strategy for the holiday season? If you’re looking for an easy way to run flash or storewide sales — while avoiding clunky discount codes — Bold Discounts has helped merchants small and large take control of their pricing during their peak season. 

With nearly 1200 positive reviews, learn more about why Bold Discounts is one of the top Black Friday Discounts apps for Shopfiy.

Brand: Dispatch Custom Cycling Components 

Result: Saved business by increasing AOV from $12.99 to $22

For Brian De Groot, Founder and CEO of Dispatch, the greatest obstacle of running a business is increasing profitability without betraying the ethic behind the brand. In the early days of this Colorado-based custom cycling components store, this meant selling products for as affordable as possible to prevent pricing from being a barrier for his customers’ passion for cycling as well as offering free shipping. 

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With the use of Bold apps, Dispatch found ways to offer customers increased value in exchange for larger order sizes. 

Bold Upsell gave their Shopify store the functionality to offer upsells and cross-sells providing customers discounted upgrades or additional items with their purchases. They also used Bold Sales Motivator to create a threshold bar where customers would be offered a free gift if they spent $50. 

These offers meant they were able to increase margins without raising their prices. “Deciding to use Bold Upsell was the defining moment that saved the business. Our AOV went from about $12.99 to $22 dollars. That got us into very healthy margins,” Brian De Groodt, founder and CEO, Dispatch.

In addition to nearly doubling their AOV, they increased the number of purchases over $50 by 500%. All with just the help of two simple apps. 

Want to offer customers free shipping or a gift if they hit your holiday spend threshold? It’s easy with Bold Sales Motivator. 

Brand: Brightbox

Result: Tripled revenue in 2020

Frustrated by the lack of budget-friendly gifting options on the market, Brightbox Founder Shae Workman realized she could enable other people to spread happiness and joy through a simple and affordable idea. With that, Brightbox was born. It sells “happy mail” boxes that customers can customize to send a surprise to someone special.  

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The pandemic brought in a surge of demand for gifts people could send to friends and family they weren’t able to see in person. With the help of Bold, Brightbox increased their average order value by 80% in 2020 — a tripling of their revenue for the year. 

“I would recommend anyone use Bold Product Options on their Shopify store. It’s what has made our product stand out, it’s been extremely user friendly, and was very easy to start using,” Shae Workman, Founder & CEO, Brightbox.

Looking to add options to your products like colors, flavors, sizing or gift wrap? Treat customers to a seamless shopping experience and increase revenue with Bold Product Options. 

Brand: Pasante/Sebamed

Result: Increased sales by 143% since launching on Shopify

UK-based sexual health brand Pasante was looking to launch an independent Shopify store for their popular skincare line, Sebamed. In 2018 they launched the Sebamed site using Bold Discounts and Bold Upsell, as well as Bold’s AI engine for smart recommendations called Brain. The ability to schedule promotions in advance and run multiple sales at once using Bold Discounts saved their team time and money. 

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After launching, they noticed an immediate increase in sales. Then over the following two years, they were able to give out 18,500 samples and increase their sales by 143%. Another bonus for the team came in the form of hours saved manually managing all the pricing and promotions. To this day, they have run some of their most successful promotions to date with Bold Discounts.

Looking to schedule a flash sale, storewide sale, or run multiple simultaneous promotions on your store this BFCM? Bold Discounts makes it easy. 

Bold apps to power your BFCM success story

Now it’s time to create your own Black Friday Cyber Monday success story. Here’s a quick recap of some of the apps our merchants use to drive exciting results:

  • Bold Upsell - Increase AOV and revenue with easy-to-create upsell and cross-sell offers.
  • Bold Discounts - Create flash sales, storewide discounts, and schedule all your pricing and promotions with just a few clicks.
  • Bold Product Options - Offer exciting custom product options to increase revenue.
  • Bold Sales Motivator - Entice customers to spend a little bit more to unlock free gifts or discounts.
  • Bold Bundles - Increase each order size by selling products in bundles and drive revenue with buy-one-get-one offers.

The holiday shopping season has already begun. If you're looking for the right promotion to run during your busiest time of year, our holiday tool kit features blogs, videos, and tutorials on everything you need to capitalize on peak traffic while increasing the size of every order. 

Have a Black Friday or holiday success story you’re dying to share? Drop a comment below so we can keep the conversation going! 

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