5 ways Zapier integrations can help you optimize your subscription business


Marketing, invoicing, support, shipping and logistics are some of the responsibilities every subscription business has to deal with on a daily basis. We’ve recently announced the new integration between Bold Subscriptions and Zapier allowing brands to connect Bold Subscriptions with thousands of apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most — your business!

Automated connections (called Zaps) can be set up in minutes without the need to use code. Each Zap has a trigger and one or more actions. One app will act as the trigger which can then generate one or more actions in another app.

Once you have an account with Zapier, you can begin using this integration. Please visit Zapier to sign up for a free account.

So what are the best zaps with Zapier for subscriptions? Here are five different ways you can use Bold Subscriptions and Zapier and some use cases to go along with them.

  1. Support

    Rather than having to manually update your support software every day with an updated customer list, simplify the process by leveraging Bold Subscription events as triggers for your support applications, like ZenDesk or Help Scout. 

    Example: Create Zendesk users for new subscribers

    Before a customer even reaches out to your support team for help, you can have their information, subscriptions, and order history available within Zendesk. In doing so, when a new customer purchases a subscription, their profile will automatically be created on Zendesk. If the customer already exists in your Zendesk database, you can simply update their record with the most up to date subscription data.

    Use Zapier to create a new Bold Subscription user
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  2. Email Marketing

    Automate important customer communications by using Zapier to integrate Bold Subscriptions and your preferred email marketing software. Major email service providers like MailChimp, Omnisend, and Klaviyo all integrate with Bold Subscriptions via Zapier. 

    Example: Create Mailchimp campaigns for new Bold Commerce subscriptions

    Make sure you give your new subscribers a warm welcome. When a customer creates a new subscription, this integration automatically creates a campaign in Mailchimp so that you can easily thank them for their business, or any other email flow you’ve set up! 

    Use Zapier with Bold Subscriptions to create Mailchimp campaigns for new subscribers

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  3. SMS

    Zaps can also be used to automatically send custom SMS messages to customers by leveraging Bold Subscription events as triggers for your SMS applications, like Twilio or Vonage. Your customers will always be reminded of important subscription notifications without you lifting a finger. 

    Example: Send SMS messages in Twilio for new subscription orders in Bold Commerce

    This Zapier integration uses Twilio to automatically send custom SMS messages to customers when Bold Commerce subscriptions detect there is a new upcoming order. It’s a great and effortless way to keep your members updated about their subscription status.

    Use Zapier with Bold Subscriptions to send SMS messages

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  4. Shipping

    Zapier can also be leveraged to optimize your shipping and logistics processes. By using Bold Subscription to trigger an action on a shipping or logistics app, brands can automate actions like creating a new order for fulfillment, or creating a new pickup or dropoff task. 

    Example: Add new Bold Commerce subscription orders to ShipStation

    This Zapier integration automatically creates an order in ShipStation and begins fulfilling it every time a new subscription order from Bold Commerce is processed. There is no need to manually create ShipStation orders when it can be done easily and automatically. Customers who get their products quickly are happy customers!

    Use Zapier and Bold Subscriptions to create new orders in ShipStation

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  5. Internal Communications 

    You can use Zaps to create notifications based on customer behaviors, like when a customer cancels or pauses a subscription. Instead of manually checking for changes on a daily basis, make sure you optimize some strategic notifications so your team can act on it before it’s too late.

    Example: Send Slack channel messages for new Bold Commerce subscription cancellations

    This Zapier integration automatically notifies your team in a dedicated Slack channel (like #subscription-retention) when a customer cancels a subscription. This creates an opportunity to reconnect with your customer in a timely manner and see if you can win them back and reduce churn.

    Use Zapier with Bold Subscriptions to send internal messages about subscription customers

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Start optimizing your subscription business today

It’s time to automate manual tasks and be more productive. Use any of our above mentioned integrations or create your own time-saving automation, no coding required. With Bold Subscriptions + Zapier, you can stop focusing on day-to-day operations and focus on improving your subscription business.

If you’ve been on Bold Subscriptions V2 since November 2021, Zapier integrations are available to you. To learn more, read this help center article.

If you're on Bold Subscriptions V1, Zapier functionalities were already available to you. To learn more, read this help center article.

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