Addressy integration for Bold Subscriptions



We're extremely excited to announce Recurring Orders is the first Shopify subscription app to support address-autocompletion with Addressy! 🎉 🎉

What is Addressy?

Addressy is an intuitive address-autocompletion system for eCommerce. It makes it easier for customers to checkout by auto-populating the address fields based on the street address. Not only will it reduce incorrectly entered addresses, it can also improve conversion rates by as much as 4.6%!

How does it work?

During the checkout process, Addressy will assist your customers with completing their address information. They simply have to start entering their street address, and Addressy will automatically start predicting their address. Once the correct address is identified, Addressy will populate the remaining checkout fields.

Check out the GIF below to see it in action:



How do I turn it on?

Simply sign up for Addressy, and enter your details in the Recurring Orders app. We made this helpful guide to walk you through the process of enabling Addressy.

Start Using Addressy!

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This is the first of many integrations coming soon for Recurring Orders. If there's a specific app/service you'd like us to integrate with, fill out the form below:


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