eCommerce Podcast #7 - The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responding To The Mobile Shopper

As more and more eCommerce transactions are completed through a mobile device like smart phones or tablet computers it becomes increasingly important have a responsive website design that makes it easy for shoppers to make these purchases on their device of choice.

Believe it or not this doesn't mean just taking your website and reconfiguring it into a single column and giving it an accordion style menu. You should also consider filtering out the unnecessary clutter that your shoppers don't need to see when they visit you on a mobile device.

In The eCommerce Podcast episode #7, Scott and Jay talk to John from Tickle Kitty ( about the work that they did to optimize their website for mobile consumers and its results. John gives specific data showing how having a great responsive site has dramatically increased the mobile traffic and mobile conversion on their eCommerce store.

As always there's a great tip or tool. Today Scott and Jay talk about Crazy Egg - a great tool that plugs into your website to show you heat maps of what your visitors are looking at, where they're scrolling, and what they're clicking on when they visit your page.

Here's where you can find Tickle Kitty:


Twitter: @DrSadie


The Podcast is also available on iTunes.

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Scott Riddell

Written by Scott Riddell

Scott is a chin-scratching gentleman who has a wealth of eCommerce experience. He works as a product manager at Bold, envisioning and shaping new apps that empower entrepreneurs to sell more.

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