Shopify Plus - 5 Features You can't Live Without

share-image-generic-plus-large.pngShopify Plus Features That Major eCommerce Retailers Can't Go Without

Last week Shopify launched their website for the new Shopify Plus account. And while it's been available for several weeks it’s about to get a lot more attention in the tech world, and more importantly from corporate marketing teams.

So what is Shopify Plus, and what’s the big deal? We’ve known this was coming for a little while now, and had a chance to look into some of the new additions.

In short, Shopify has taken their already robust eCommerce platform, and beefed it up with a bunch of new features, expanded on some current features, and wrapped it up with a great big bow of premium service and support. This new system is not for the average Do-It-Yourselfer. This is what’s known as ‘white glove service’ for enterprise clients. This is the five star resort of eCommerce platforms.

Shopify has already conquered the eCommerce world by providing top quality eCommerce websites to mom and pop retail shops at a very very reasonable rate (we can’t stress enough just how affordable it is for any retailer to have an easy to use professional online store). Until now, a Shopify store would run you between $29 and $179 per month depending on which plan you need. Shopify Plus takes a jump up starting at $995 monthly. This is because Shopify has designed this plan specifically for larger corporate clients with greater needs, requiring more hands on service and support. And this is how Shopify is able to provide it.

So where’s the value?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key new features and why we think big companies looking to expand their eCommerce activity should pay attention.

1) Account Management / Project Management / Priority Support:

With a Shopify Plus account you gain the most intensive customer experience imaginable. You receive a dedicated account manager, someone to communicate with directly about what you need for your store, and how to accomplish it; you get a project manager to help you scope your project and find the right talent for any custom software development and design you might need; and you receive priority support for any issues you run into once your store is launched including a personalized email and phone number to reach your Shopify support team.

2) Advanced API:

This one is huge for companies who need to integrate their store with many of the other services they use. You get additional API’s as well as increased API call limits. We won’t get into the technical stuff, but take our word, you’re going to benefit from it.

3) Custom SSL Certificate and PCI Compliance:

This applies directly to the all important user experience, and possibly the most vital part of your online store -- customer checkout.  With a Custom SSL certificate your customers will purchase with more confidence because they never have to leave your domain to complete the transaction. Watch your conversion rate grow!

4) Content Delivery Network:

Shopify takes a massive leap forward promoting their ‘around the world’ server network that ensures your store always loads quickly on any device.

5) Speed and Reliability:

Your store now has unlimited bandwidth and can handle up to 500K hits per minute, so you don’t have to think twice about taking out that Super Bowl commercial. As well, Shopify boasts a 99.94% uptime for your store, so you don’t have to worry about it going down during a critical sale.


On the surface, it’s hard to look past the initial price. But Shopify has also implemented a new option to spread out start up costs so that new stores don’t have to take such a major hit before they are bringing in revenue.

However, the value that comes along with the Plus account far outweighs the monetary cost, especially for eCommerce heavy weights who rely on their websites to bring in significant revenue in the millions. As big as they get, Shopify has found a simple way to put a personal touch on it.

It’s no wonder that Shopify boasts it’s relationships with companies like Tesla, Budweiser, and Google right there on it’s Shopify Plus home page. This is clearly the eCommerce solution for retail titans.

As experts in all things eCommerce, we continue to promote Shopify as our favorite eCommerce platform.

Ask us how we can help get you started.

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Scott Riddell

Written by Scott Riddell

Scott is a chin-scratching gentleman who has a wealth of eCommerce experience. He works as a product manager at Bold, envisioning and shaping new apps that empower entrepreneurs to sell more.

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