The Motivator App now has a Premium Version!

The Motivator has received a significant upgrade! It now includes some features that you may find will be indispensable for your store.

There are 3 very significant upgrades that you can’t live without1. Specify your Sales Motivator by country:

Just like the title suggests, depending on which country your customer is shopping in, your sales motivator can offer different incentives. For example: You may want to offer Free Shipping as an incentive, but maybe you only want to offer it to the U.S. Mexico and Canada, because those are your cheapest customers to ship to. That’s super easy. But maybe you also want to offer a motivator to your loyal customers in Europe, but shipping costs are a little more to get your products there. Easy, just set up a second goal for those in the U.K., France, and Germany, to purchase a little more before they receive their free shipping.


2. Schedule time intervals to show your Sales Motivators

Instead of just having a simple on/off function, now you can set what time you want your sales to run down to the day and minute it should start and stop. And once again if you want to show your Motivator at precise times in different locations, simply set up another Goal to show at that time and location.



3. Automatically add reward products to cart.

The last major feature, and possibly the most important, is that now, if you want to offer a product as a reward for reaching the goal, that product will automatically be added to the cart for $0.00 for your customer to checkout. You don’t even have to create a free version of the product, the App handles that for you!


Try out these new features in The Motivator and let us know what you think. Or if you’ve never used The Motivator, install it today and start your 15 day free trial. It only takes minutes to set up and you’ll be amazed at the way it increases your sales. So what are you waiting for…?

Start Motivating!

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Jordan Labelle

Written by Jordan Labelle

Jordan is a product manager at Bold and is famous around the office for his love of button-up shirts.

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