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Jan 11, 2017 2:55:01 PM


We want to help you become an eCommerce expert, so we'll be sharing our best practices and inviting our partners to do the same.

Join us in our School of Commerce by attending one of the FREE lessons below.

Each lesson will be held as a live webinar with a recording available online several days later. Live attendees will be able to ask questions about the content live.


Upcoming 2017 Schedule

Aug. 31: How to use ad retargeting to drive customers back to your Shopify store
Sept. 14: How amazing customer service can drive sales and increase customer loyalty
Sept. 28: Using automation to grow your business with less work
Oct. 12: Start a drop shipping business by the end of the week
Oct. 26: How to choose a high converting Shopify theme
Nov. 9: Why product photos are the most important part of your marketing strategy
Nov. 23: How to strategically price your products

Check out our last webinar on How to start using social media to boost online sales


Past Webinars


January 19                                                            February 2
How To Make Your Videos Shoppable              How Your Return Policy Can Increase Sales


February 13                                                          March 2 

How Tackle Boxes Became A Multi-Million      The Easiest Way To Drive Repeat Purchases 
Dollar Subscription Business                              To Your Shopify Store       


March 16                                                              March 30
CRO: The Ultimate Guide To                              How to beef up your social media strategy
Optimizing Your Shopify Store                          and get people to 'Like' you

April 27                                                                 May 11

Unite wrap up: Shopify's biggest                      Your one-stop shop for social media ad buying
announcements and how they'll
affect your bottom line

April 27                                                                  June 8                   
How to double your email list                            The 5 types of emails you NEED to be sending
in the next 30 days

June 22                                                                 July 6
How to make your first online sale                 How to start using social media to boost sales

July 20
User-generated content strategies:
How to build trust and make sales

Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

Written by Melanie Fatouros-Richardson

Melanie is a Content Marketer at Bold and is a reality tv aficionado.

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